I remember when Eminem used to make headlines. Nowadays, he gets rushed to the hospital and it takes two weeks before it gets reported. TMZ is reporting (today) that, over the holidays, Eminem was rushed to the hospital. Now, dude can’t be in that much hiding that no one noticed. I mean, didn’t someone at the hospital care enough to leak it to the press. And considering that I was in Detroit this past weekend and no one even mentioned this in conversation or on the radio, I would say that his stock must have dropped considerably. The TMZ report stated that Em was rushed to a Detroit-area hospital and was treated for a serious heart condition and severe pneumonia, but I’m not sure if I believe that. Still, according to TMZ, his publicist released a statement saying that he was under a doctor’s care for pneumonia over the holidays and has since been recovering at home. Hmmm…

Anyway, I was more interested in hearing how his weight has “ballooned to over 200lbs,” as they put it. That is not the first time I heard that (an inside source told me that he had put on 40lbs), and that’s what I’d like to find out more about. I don’t know about anyone else, but if Eminem is the next candidate for Celebrity Fit Club, I will sure as heck wanna see that.

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