After I posted my blog yesterday, I found this picture of Eminem on one of my favorite whitepeoplesites (www.perezhilton.com). It appears that Em has put on some lbs. I mean, I put on a few myself over the past year, but then again, I had a baby. What’s his excuse? Maybe he started DJing. (anyone notice how fat hip hop DJs are? the good ones, at least).

7 thoughts on “Shady Ain’t Slim No More

  1. Kim,

    I love you to death, but anything involving Slim Shady is meaningless to me. He is not an MC and not HIPHOP, never has never was. Instead, the real king of Detroit, Royce Da 5’9 who is an MC should be mentioned. Bar Exam 2 in stores soon. You know I remember when the Source had Shady on the cover with his hands wrapped talking about if he is racist basically giving him all this press. That cover was a big mistake, it should have gone to Royce the 5’9 because his album Death is Certain which came out when the February issue was done is a classic. The truth needs to be told that 50 Cent, Eminem, and others are not down by law and do not rep HIPHOP on a consistent basis. I will leave you with this thought. Back in 1998, Dr. Dre has Rakim, King T, Last Emperor, and Eve on Aftermath and the album “Let Thy Kingdom Come” by King Tee was supposed the first big release for the label that year. What if those artist along with Game/Busta/Joel Ortiz was the face of the label instead of the Shady/G-Unit situation?

    Peace to you and your fam.

    Wex is Ghost.

  2. My man is sitting back enjoying the fruits of his labor, and at this point other’s people labor. His fat ass need to go out on tour. It would give them shady aftermath ( g-unit ) artist something to do besides hang out and chase trouble. It might even spark some creative energy in his camp, remember when he used to go hard like weezy? he prolly could have been The .G.O.A.T but he got rich, fat, & lazy!

  3. Sure, he’s got some “comfortable relationship” weight on him, but he’s now having a comfortable relationship with the industry. Perhaps he’s prepping for a run on Celebrity Fit Club like his buddy Bizarre.

  4. You all need to back up off my boy Eminem and
    stop bashin him.Haven’t you ever heard of
    something called a “hiatus”.He’s just taking a
    break right now.He’ll be back once he gets his
    shit together.Whats the big fuckin deal about
    his weight!!! So what? He gained a few pounds.
    You all act like theres something wrong with
    him gaining weight.I don’t care if he gains
    weight as long as it does affect his ability as
    a great MC.Big Pun and Biggie were both fat
    as hell and don’t see any of you bashing them.

    Kim do you have some king of grudge against
    Eminem?Because if you do i can understand.

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