4 thoughts on “Kim Osorio Reel

  1. Hi Kim,

    I love your writing style, I know our editor will too. Do you do any freelance writing and interviewing? We could use someone like you on our team. Glam couture magazine is a global, print and online magazine with a growing relevance in hollywood and other major fashion cities around the world. Please contact us for more details if your interested.

  2. Hi Kim. I am a 3L writing a student note on the intersection of Gender Issues and Hip Hop. I chose your case against the Source as the basis for my paper, and would LOVE to ask you a few questions regarding your experience. I’ve read your book, so my questions would really go to the intersectionality issue. Will you please let me know if you are open to or available for this? Thanks.

    • PS..I am also a latina, also from the Bronx, have also worked in the music industry…and LOVE this paper I am writing. In other words…please sister please!? Hook it up!?

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