Her story has become history. Trying to survive in the male-dominated hip-hop industry, Kim Osorio excelled when she became the first ever and only female Editor In Chief of the Source Magazine. Having been with the magazine, dubbed the bible of hip-hop, for just two years before rising to the top editorial spot on the masthead, Kim Osorio had her work cut out for her. But once she climbed the ladder there, she was determined to take the magazine to new heights, and fulfill her passion of writing and editing in a musical culture that she’d grown to love. Kim led the magazine’s editorial vision that resulted in the highest selling issue of the publication’s history, all while dealing with the internal drama that comes along with being a woman in power at a magazine that documented a music that was slowly turning into a misogynistic culture.

Osorio, who holds a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School and a Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts from Fordham University, has devoted over 15 years to hip-hop publishing, transitioning from print to online media in 2005 when she became the Executive Editor at and later the Vice President of Content at Russell Simmons’ At BET, she spread her wealth of knowledge of music to the online community and helped establish as one of the go-to sites for music news. She also brought her reporting skills to the television screen as an on-air correspondent for BET News Briefs and BET’s successful entertainment show, “The Black Carpet.” She also wrote Aaliyah: One In A Million and Notarized: The Top 100 Songs Of 2011 for BET Networks.

Osorio served as an editor-at-large at for six years, and is an invited speaker at various Universities across the country, sharing both her personal and professional experiences with colleges, organizations, and during industry conferences. Born to a Puerto Rican father and a mother of mixed racial background (African-American and Chinese), Kim understands firsthand what it is to defy the odds.

Osorio has delivered keynote speeches at NYU’s Latin Student Association’s La Herencia Latina and Bronx Borough President’s Adolfo Carrion’s Women’s History Month luncheon. In 2004, she was featured on the cover of the New York Post’s Tempo section, and voted one of the top 25 influential Latinos in New York. The Bronx, New York native also mentors students to help guide them in their own career choices, and also visits and speaks to 8th grade and high school students and at graduation ceremonies. She has been featured as an expert in hip-hop on television shows such as “The O’Reilly Factor,” BET’s “Hip-Hop Vs. America,” and Fox News’ “The Big Story with John Gibson.”

Always one to defend hip-hop in the mainstream, Kim has faced some challenges of her own within the culture. Widely known for filing one of the biggest lawsuits in the history of hip-hop, Kim Osorio sued the Source Magazine in 2006 and was victorious. The jury found that she was unlawfully fired for filing a complaint of gender discrimination, and that the owners at the company had defamed her as well. In September 2008, she released her personal memoir, entitled Straight From The Source: An Expose From The Former Editor In Chief of the Hip Hop Bible, to officially set the record straight.

And if there were ever a scenario to illustrate the term “life comes full circle,” it would be Kim Osorio’s journey. Her early 2012 appointment as Vice President of Content & Editorial of The NorthStar Group (The Source & JonesMagazine) also marks her return, and thus the full circle, as Editor-In-Chief of The Source. In 2013, she was featured as a main cast member on the VH1 reality series, “The Gossip Game.”

After her first stint on a reality show, Kim decided to see what it was like behind the scenes. Adding to her TV credits, she transitioned to script writing for television, most notably as a writer for the popular VH1 “Love and Hip Hop: The Reunion” shows. She continues to lecture at schools around the country, as well as freelance write for a number of media outlets. In January 2015, she plans to launch a website for emerging new talent.

85 thoughts on “Bio

  1. What’s going on Kim, I’m trying to reach out to many artists and I find it very hard in doing so. I’ve been heard around the world as a new up and coming producer from New Jersey. I acknowledged you were from New Jersey as well and wanted to know if maybe you know a way I can reach out to rap artists that are in the game right now. I personally met Joe Budden at Edgewater Theatres when SAW IV came out and briefly introduced myself but I felt it went in through one ear and out the other. On the other hand, you work with artists on a consistant basis and you have a better feel on what they use as a basic form of contact, whether it be me sending them samples of my beats in CD format or e-mailing them my work. Being that you’re from Jersey, I hope that you can understand where I’m coming from. Last time I went to Def Jam a marketer working there told me “The game is too cluttered up for a new rapper, we need new producers to help transform this rap game from what it has become”. With that said, I feel I should have my opportunity to be heard.

    Thank you in advance,
    iNFINITe Productionz

    • Youtube Page

      The OCS, while in the studio with Crooked I working on new song for The RPD20X Project, takes out time to ask what his thoughts are on the recent situation regarding the Old West and New West. Crooked I is a legendary West Coast artist who considers himself to be from both eras. New hot joint from OCS feat Crooked I coming soon.

  2. Dear Kim,

    Wanted to stop by and let you know I’m a big fan. Also, if you ever considered teaching at a communications school, I would love to talk you further about our program here at Syracuse.



  3. I could never thank you enough for all you did for me. Best wishes. Your blog roll is missing a certain urban magazine…emphasis on Urban Shameless plug hahahaha

  4. Juicy Blog. lol I see all is well Ms. Osario. Proud to see Bigger & Better things from a old Cheerleading Coach 🙂 Keep up the excellent work. Take care.
    Sheryl (Lil Ms. Milbank)

  5. Hey Kim,

    I have known about you… yet just found your blog… I have a hip-hop show online that has been getting some buzz lately. Right now my show is on hiatus but will resume at full speed for our fourth season. Would love to have you on as a guest. Talk about hip-hop and these crazy stories we hear about on the blogs. U can holla at me
    @ Lets keep in touch.

  6. I was viewing you as you were being interviewed on the “Hip-Hop versus America” show and I heard you say that there was not enough posistive hip-hop being brought to the table, well I am a female hip-hop artist who never discusses my ass..sets but i choose to be on a straight, positive level. WAY more positive than what the world maybe ready to receive. I would love to give you an example of what hip-hop should represent.! Do you have a mailing address where I could forward you a copy of my music? Feel free to share the positivity of it with whomever you choose who could help elevate the process of exposing the world to positive hip-hop. Thanks for your time, and please don’t forget to e-mail me an address where I could forward you “positive vibes”.

  7. Yo Kim,

    Heard you on HOT97 (via the web) w/ Ciph and that perv Rosenburg.

    Much respect to you. The Source was near and dear to my heart in the mid to late 90’s.

    Word. Peace.

  8. Definitely feeling the blog, its rare that you get to read the opinions of journalists in our culture (or any culture, for that matter) without political machines or “saving-face” being involved. Keep doing your thing Kim, you have a new spectator. Also, enjoy my music, if you havent heard of me, you have definitely heard of who I *Uckz with! Holla

    -Kid Novice

    OOOWop Team
    MaybachTV Vol. 2

  9. Kim…

    I picked up your book…cant put it down. The book is a great read and I wish you well. I hope that we can work together again in the future! Raw Magazine was a great experience for me. If you ever need an art director/designer to make it happen…

    Out There Design

  10. Kim
    I picked up your book this past Friday 9/19; 18 hours later I just finished it. Your story is amazing to say the least.
    I admire the fact you were brave enough in your beliefs to stand against a giant such as the Source, plus reveal so much that was going on behind the scenes leading up to the lawsuit.
    I have a syndicated hip hop radio show based at WXYC 89.3 FM Chapel Hill & WXDU 88.7 FM Durham.
    I would be honored if you would be a guest on the show; my contact information is as follows.
    Nanci O

  11. Hey Kim
    I just wanted to say that your book is amazing! I am just about a few chapters away from finishing it but you have kept me interested throughout the whole book. You are an amazing writer and I can honestly say that I did not know who you were until I picked up your book (sorry!). As a young aspiring journalist, I kick myself for not finding out more about you and other journalists that did/do as well as you. Your writing has so much to offer and I could learn so much from it. Do you have any advice for someone like me? I am only 21 but I know it is best to start early in my writing career. I am looking to do writing on music and artists but I am also open to write about other subjects. Let me know what you think! And again your book is great! Keep doing your thing!

    Jasmina C.

  12. Kim,

    I just wanted to say hi and that I’m a big fan. I really appreciate and enjoy all the issues and topics discussed on your blog . And from one Osorio to the next Good Luck with the future and God bless always! I look forward to seeing what comes next.

    Rey O.

  13. Necole Bitchie was on Twitter & went on and on about you and your book over the weekend, followed by Gyant of posting a link to a recent article on you via It was a very good read & I am going to look into buying your book. The actual reason for my sending this message (comment) is in reference to how you feel about Gays coming out in the Hip Hop community; I completely agree with what you had to say. I often feel I am “weird” for being one of those chicks who is cool with someone who I am CERTAIN is gay but front in the community as a completely straight man (yes he is in the industry & is well known). I would actually consider being with him because he is open with me & I trust him. He has shared with me stories & to me that is more respect men show women this day & age. The problem with our Hip Hop Leaders coming out is that most of them are bi sexual; people would probably accept gay but being bi sexual is not something that would probably be accepted. It would also cause these men to lose a part of themselves – coming out as bi sexual, no woman would deal with them overlooking things that I see in my friend. But again, I agree with you =)


  14. Kim,
    My name is Jeanine and you came to my school last week, Grand Valley State University, and spoke about race relations. You spoke to me afterwards we were standing with my Prof. I wanted to ask if I could have your e-mail address to ask you a few questions. I tried to find it but couldn’t. Hopefully you will get back to me.

  15. Hi:

    Just wanted to join the chorus complimenting you on your book. I found the whole thing fascinating, and at different times also unbelievable and amusing (I literally laughed at loud at Benzino using peoples names at the beginning and end of sentences. As well as Dave Mays bouncing his head to the Eminem song at the press conference.) I don’t even browse the Source at the newsstand anymore, much less read it. It’s a shame that such a great magazine was destroyed by one man’s ego. (And I’m sure that he still does not believe he did anything wrong and would probably do it all over again…minus “the haters.”) I’m really glad that you stood up for yourself and won your case. (Hopefully you got your money too 🙂

    Good luck.

  16. Hi Kim !

    Thank you for showing me love on goodreads !

    I would looooooove to network with you and looking forward to meeting you at a book signing for your book and my freshman book…”The Kingdom Hall No More”!

    My book is about my 16 years experiences growing up as a Jehovah Witness and attending the kingdom hall in Hollis, Queens New York

    Please check it out !

    Daniel J Chamberlayne

  17. Hey K.O!

    I just finished your book. I couldn’t put it down. You have quite an interesting story and i just wanted to let you know, I feel you. I am the director of finance at a Nissan dealership, and it is super tough out there for women. Just yesterday my boss was trippin on me for haveing a past that involved white men. Just like you, I’m not ashamed of my past. It is just that, my past. And, I cannot lie, the idea of getting under the collar or ignorant peeps like him, excites me…so I was proud to say I dated white men, when he asked.
    I wasn’t offended, but I didn’t let him know that. Anyway, I just said that to say, I can relate. It was a great read, and I look forward to reading more of your work. P.S. I admire, the fact that, your book wasn’t trashy. You didn’t take the “bubble” approach. Like trying to big up yourself for being involved with such and such… and you didn’t try to take it back. Nor was there a second where you were over-ly emotional, like men accuse us of being behind dick. You were just getting your point across, and letting them dudes know you ain’t studying them like that. I like that, a lot. Letting them know dick don’t drive this car…

  18. Hi Kim,

    It was a pleasure meeting you today on the Jeff Johnson show. That was my first time there and I
    certainly enjoyed it.
    I was wondering, I would like to email the picture
    that we took together earlier at the CBS Center.
    Would that be fine with you, Kim?

    Thanks and all the best.

  19. hey kim man loved all ur blogs but can u please get some new ones i want to know more about like when lil wayne fell on his butt on stage in Chicago



    • Okay, I may have to make this my new year’s resolution. I know i haven’t been consistent, because it’s been so hectic, but I’m going to be a better multi-tasker in 2009!!

  20. Hey Kim,
    I think that I am the first person to post here who has actually read your book. I checked it out from the library here in Brooklyn last weekend. I think I read it in 3 days total. I heard about your reading at B&N in the city, but I was unable to make it so I got the book instead.
    WOW! I have been a lover of hip-hop for two decades now, maybe more, and this is the other UGLY side of it. There are so many things I could say, but the biggest surprise to me is that you didn’t think you had options. Your intellect, talent, and genuine love of music could have taken you anywhere. Did you doubt your ability? You are street smart and book smart. How many other music journalists have a JD? Why did you feel you had to stay when you realized you were compromising your values? Your book read like the story of a survivor of domestic violence. Why do women stay? What advice would you give to other women in the industry? I would love to know more.

  21. Ummm…Kim, I am late. I just realized how late I am reading your book. I thought I had come up on something, but I didn’t see all the other posts! Love to all!

  22. Dear Kim,

    My name is Alexandra. I currently represent one of New York’s best
    kept secrets in the hip hop industry, fiery lyricist Saint Germain. He
    has been in the industry for 15 years displaying his lyrical talents
    and ghost writing for other up and coming artists. I was wondering if he could be featured on your website for a possible new artist feature. Enclosed is Saint Germain’s bio and Myspace page.

    Thank You for your time.



  23. Kim,

    Just read the book yesterday, Ma! It was a page turner. Read it in like one day. It was well written and I appreciate that. Many entertainers who write about their lives can’t actually write well. The fact you are a journalist made the reading experience very enjoyable. You are mad talented !

  24. My name is Shavon Greene and I am a magazine journalism major at Syracuse University. I came to your speech a few weeks ago when you visited and read your book. You have a very inspiring story.

    As a magazine journalism major, I never thought about the double standards and sexism that can go on in the industry because I excluded hip hop journalism when I thought about the woman dominated industry.

    Congratulations on your success! I would love to interview you some time this week or early next week to get your opinion about beauty in the media. How it may or may not have changed?

    I hope to hear from you soon.


    Shavon S. Greene

  25. Hi Kim,

    My name is Barbara and I’m researching the portrayal of feminine identities in hip hop journalism (print and on-line) for my PhD.

    Obviously your book is part of my core literature, so I was wondering if you’d be willing to answer a few questions in relation to that? E-mails or phone, or any other way you could…

    Your help would be much appreciated – thank you in advance.


  26. Hey how are things? I know that you do a lot for unsigned and up and coming artists. I was wondering if I could send you my mixtape called The ARTiste and hopefully receive a review? Please hit me back when you can. I would love to get the opportunity for you to hear my music. Thank you!

  27. hello ,

    my name is chad aka CL-SiCK , and im an up and coming rapper from nj. I read you blog all the time and its one of the best out there. I would like to send you guys some of my music maybe to start a relationship between me and your site. this is a freestyle of mine to the the every girl beat –

    fadeaway ft santigold –

    chillin rmx ft wale & no gaga –

    to be me – to be me –

    i have more music on

  28. Hi Kim,

    I’m working for a new online hip-hop culture magazine called Progress Magazine, featuring, among other things, video interviews with several talented hip hop acts. We are launching the online mag on June 1st and have created a trailer with pieces of these interviews, for promotional purposes. I would love it if you could add this trailer to your blog, and if possible let me know what you think!

    Thanks so much,
    Brianna Colell

  29. Hey Kim,
    Where can I send you music/mixtapes to d’load and video linkage? I rep a hip-hop trio from Staten Island called the Higher Concept (THC). I love that the blog is so nice and *clean* w/o a ton of blinking tacky shite!

  30. I admire your work ethic. I’ve followed you throughout your whole career while I was incarcerated 17 years. Now upon my release I’ve been trying to make things happen & God has been blessing me so far. I came home & right into a motion picture Pride & Glory. I’m not sure if I wrote you when u were at the Source but Its From Prison 2 Hollywood story. Lets write a story 0r make a documentary on What I’m did, am doing & where I plan 2 go. I wish you all the best & I hope to hear from you. My alter ego Jrodaction!

  31. Hello Kim, I,m a R&B/Reggae fusion singer and song writer from Jamaica. a smiliar style like sean kingston, I’m now working on my new single entitle “YES I DO” however I would like you work with base upon your track record as a professional hip pop Journalist. I reconigze if would i can get the opportunity to work with you. check out my sites.

  32. I just finished your book. You are a really good writer. I am not into hip hop so I was hesitant about reading the book. It had me from the beginning. Your style of just talking to the reader is like Hemingway. I think you should promote this book for all females to read. try and get it into the schools reading list. It is an important topic about gender. Start your own online magazine about anything, your writing genius will make you shine. Please keep talking even try lyrics. good job!

  33. The all-new All Stars Hip-Hop Cabaret opening on Friday, August 28 is the product of a workshop process led by co-directors Dan Friedman and Antoine “RL” Joyce.

    Friedman, the artistic director of Castillo’s Youth Onstage! program, has spent his life in political theatre, as an historian, a playwright, and director. Decades ago, he toured the United States with the New York Street Theatre Caravan creating “agit-prop” theatre in streets and parks. Joyce, who hails from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, came of age with the All Stars Talent Show Network, starting as a performer, then for many years as a Master of Ceremonies. Recently, on a world tour as a producer for hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash, Joyce realized that his passions for music, for young people, and for changing the world were best expressed by building the All Stars, so he returned to New York to work as a development officer for the All Stars Project by day, and a club owner by night.

    From different generations and cultural traditions, and with vastly different life experiences, these two men have given their combined know-how to young All Stars performers, and shaped this Hip-Hop Cabaret into a raw, edgy, entertaining show. It features five young men who deliver an evening of uncensored, in-your face hip-hop, laced with the flavors and influences of European cabaret. As you might expect, the show contains strong language and adult situations and may not be suitable for younger children. But you won’t want to miss it!

    With Anthony “Tone” Buttler, DJ F.A.M.E., J-ho, KodeRedd,
    George “Lyric” Pedraza, J Royal and Antoine “RL” Joyce as the M.C.

    Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00 p.m.

    August 28, 29, September 11, 12, 18 & 19

  34. Hello Ms Kim O.

    I read your book…very good read.

    I’m a resident of AZ and 2 hip hops artists DMX and Lil’ Wayne have been arrested and harassed by our famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe went to the extent of offering a $5000 award for the whereabouts of DMX, unfortunately for DMX someone was blessed with the opportunity to cash in.

    Well now we have the Outlaw Fleetwood out of AZ that’s putting this sheriff on blast. He’s an amateur rapper, but he has a message to deliver.

    It would be a great collaboration between these 3 individuals to make a statement against racial profiling and the inhumane conditions in Tent City out here in the Valley of the Sun.

    Check out the Outlaw Fleetwood’s video rapping about the conditions of tent city. Unfortunately, DMX had to spend 90 days in tent city.

  35. What’s good Ms.Osorio… My name’s Real & I’m a member of a Brooklyn based music group titled R.Me. We’ve been pushing our lead single “Ric Flair” for a minute now & we just recently released the music video for it. If you could check it out & possibly put it on your blog, that would be a blessing.

    Our upcoming debut album (“Still Untitled Til’ This Day”) will be released in December. Also, we’re releasing a special 5 song mixtape project next Monday. I could send you that link when we release it.

    Thanks you just for reading this. Appreciate it

    Real (R.Me)

  36. It looks that you’ve put a good amount of effort into your article and I want a lot more of these on the World Wide Web these days. I truly got a kick out of your post. I do not have a bunch to to say in reply, I only wanted to register to say marvellous work.

  37. My name is Corey Rimmel and I represent an up-and-coming recording artist from Columbia, MO named Goone. I wanted to submit one of his new songs, Head Stop, because I thought it might be a good fit for your blog.

    You can find a download link to the song here:

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  38. I’m writing to submit a mixtape for review! I’m president of my company Black Reign Music Group and I have a hot new artist name Face Braz! Currently were seeking media attention and reviews for his mixtape “Back to the Future Reloaded Vol.1″ This mixtape is buzzing around the tri state area! Here is the direct link to the mixtape for free download or you can visit our website at for all info! Trust me the project has mixtape of the year written all over it! The song and video link to the single “Foolin Around” is provided below!

    201-341-8271 Face Braz “Foolin Around” Foolin Around Video

  39. June 22, 2010

    Dear Kim,

    The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself, Britton Morgan. I very recently become aware of your blog and I proudly would like to add that I am a fan! I have decided to reach out to you and introduce myself, as I am an up and coming talent out of Atlanta, Ga.

    I have just completed a mixtape “Torn Portrait” and am now looking to optimize my exposure among potential fans.

    Accordingly, as a first step, I would like to extend a warm greeting from the heart, and tell you a little about myself. I am a recent Morehouse College graduate from the suburbs of Atlanta. I am in the midst of dealing with a barrage of student loans, lackluster employment and had a recent horrible breakup with my girlfriend of 5 years. As you can infer, given my current position in life, musically I have a lot to say! And I am trying to establish working relationships so that I can allow people to hear what I have to say.

    To establish a grounds for communication, I propose to send you a follow up email by the end of this week. It is my hope that we will be able to establish a working relationship sooner than later.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Britton Morgan

  40. Hi Kim Osorio,

    I am a senior at Central Connecticut State University majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in business/marketing. I was hoping I could find a way to contact you for a project requiring us to interview someone in our field whom we have been influenced by. I’ve followed your work and read your book “Straight from the Source”. If available and interested to do so, please e-mail me at Thank you.

  41. Kim, some people are interested in booking you to be on a panel in Miami. Flight and hotel are included. Hit me via the contact information on my Facebook page. Thanks for everything.

  42. Reading the book and LOVING IT! I was moving in and out of the country from 1994-2006, but managed to scrape up Source magazines every chance I could. They were my lifeline to my Culture. As a life long reader it was pathetically embarrassing to see the slide. Love your perspective and love your passion. Keep it movin Sis!

  43. We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with valuable information to work on. You’ve done a formidable job and our whole community will be grateful to you.

  44. hey kim ,
    Im a 17 year old aspiring journalist from London.I plan to go to uni next year, however my dream has always been to one day write for the Source…. as you are the editor in chief, I was wondering if you could send me your email and we could liaise regarding internships or even work experience.

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