In Defense Of Cassie In The Nude


So here’s the thing about the Cassie photos that I find interesting. Cassie titties leak onto the internet and the blogs go crazy. then she responds in what I think is an appropriate response. She says “mine weren’t the first you’ve seen….and they won’t be the last. People need to grow up, and move on…” Good for her.

Most people that I’ve talked to believe that Cassie did this herself for some publicity, but I don’t know if I believe that. There were a lot of other things that she could have done to get attention (like she could have shaved her head….oh, wait…).

Cassie’s second album comes out this June. It’s called Electro Love. Friends in the office here say she can’t sing, but I’m like, hey, when did that ever really matter??

Addicted to Twitter

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting as much (I never post, but i guess i mean as much as I used to), it’s because 1. i was in disneyworld and 2. i spend my free time on twitter. Curious to know who else is spending their time on Twitter. Peep the “Celebrity Twitter Addicts” flipbook I did on here.

Sike! Rick Ross Says Yes And Admits to Be a Corrections Officer

In the latest case of “yes, i was” “No I wasn’t” a corrections officer saga, Rick Ross says it was him in the picture. This story gets better and better to me, and I have to admit that I will be waiting for Deeper Than Rap to come out, whereas i could give a flying hoot about a rick ross album one year ago. Good work, Bauwse!

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