Power Moves Interview, May 2020

Very honored to have been interviewed by Shawn Prez for his Power Moves series. I’ve known Prez for a minute, since his days at Bad Boy AND for his popular Spades tournament (I like to brag about how I took him a trophy at the 2005 Celebrity Spades tournament).

Check it out.


Joe Budden IG

Be forewarned. When you log on to a Joe Budden Instagram Live, he sees you and he will request you. I tried it.


Kim Osorio on the D’Essence Show

Jack Thriller Presents Party & Bullshit, July 2019


Definitely one of the most fun interviews I’ve done. Y’all know that Jack Thriller is a trip. Also, randomly did the show with Booka, who is Madina’s son. Coincidence.



The He-man Women Hater’s Club, 2019

Yes, I have a bit of an issue with the satire here in calling it the “women haters” club, because everyone doesn’t always understand satire. But the podcast is hosted by Mouse, someone I claim as one of my hip hop journalism offspring. We had fun, I just wish I was camera ready because that hair was atrocious.



Angela Yee’s Lip Service, May 2019

Always have a blast with my girl Ang.


Behind The Breaks, 2017

Every once in a while, I sit down for a serious conversation with my well-respected peers. More often than not, I like to do fun interviews and joke around. But don’t get it twisted, I could also talk Hip Hop with the heads.



CBS The Insider, 2017

I like to think people call on me as an expert in music to give my two cents. Then I started working in television and figured out that they just run down a list of names to see who’s available. In any event, they got the right one that day, because I’m the biggest New Edition fan in the history of the world. I had all the posters. My mother hated that the tape used to stick to my wallpaper.



Women Leader Pros, 2016

Really enjoyed this interview with Alechia Reese. I find that the interviews with young journalists are the hardest! They are serious about their game and I respect it! These are the interviews that challenge me the most.




CBS The Couch’s “Pop Talk” 

For a brief period of time, I believed I could get a stint on this CBS show as one of those talking heads who dropped dime on the entertainment world. Turns out I’m not as good when I’m not talking about Hip Hop. KRS-One told me to always capitalize the Hs, so I still do.


Gossip Game Post Show Debate, 2013

This was a lot of fun, talking about the show with Buttahman and Sharon.


CitrusTV Noticias

What I love about this piece is that it’s entirely in Spanish, of which I speak not a word. Appreciate it though.


MadameNoire, 2013

They always take the most salacious stuff and make it the headline. I’m sure I said other things in this interview, but I get it. Yes, I believe women should not sleep their way to the top, but please feel free to sleep with whoever.


BET Hip Hop Awards Red Carpet, 2012



AlLindstrom.com, 2012

I went back to the Source in 2012, and I gotta say that I really appreciate the interviews done with the plaques in the background. Wish I had done a better job of taking home copies of the magazine.


Hip Hop Wired, 2012

Sat with Hip Hop Wired in 2012 and we talked about the significance of me going back to the Source. The lawsuit always comes up, obviously, so we definitely addressed that here.