Mommynoire Exclusive With Mathew Knowles: Does Your Child Have What It Takes To Be Beyonce?

Admit it. You’ve always thought your daughter was special. Whether you’ve internally blushed when you’ve seen that child pretend performing in front of the mirror, or caught a glimpse of them in your rearview looking cute while hitting that Ariana Grande high note in the backseat of your car, inside, you believe your little girl could be the next….Beyonce. Yes, I said it. The new standard for performance and entertainment excellence. Beyonce’s talent, work ethic, image and success would be the goal if you got up off your lazy, overworked behind and decided to do something about your child’s future career in Entertainment. So where do you start? Well, you could go in a lot of different directions, but one that’s explorable would be reading Mathew Knowles’ recently released book, “The DNA Of Achievers.” True, personally you might not be a fan of what you’ve read on the gossip blogs about this man’s personal life. Still, professionally there is no denying that the secret to Beyonce’s success lies—at least somewhat—in the mind of her father.