Erykah Badu Blog..Pregnant Or Not, She’s My New Hero

Now y’all now I’m the first to say something about folks because, well, I can. But this time, I don’t care how crazy you all think I am, Erykah Badu is my new hero. As most of you already know, Badu blasted bloggers on the okayplayer message boards (entitled “Pregnant With Insults”) for criticizing her decision to have babies by more than one father. Badu was responding to numerous comments about her rumored pregnancy from hip hop artist Jay Electronica. If pregnant, this would be Badu’s third child out of wedlock, each from a different father (her 10-year old son was with Andre 3000 and her 4-year old daughter is from the D.O.C.).

Being someone who has two kids from two different men (yeah, what!), I can understand her frustration. Why the hell is everyone so judgmental about what she decides to do with her own life?? And more importantly, how many dudes is out here with multiple random baby mothers, and no one says anything about them. 

It’s the DOUBLE STANDARD again. And it really bothers the heck out of me. Now, me (another unwed mother) being fascinated with this topic and waiting to see what haters are saying, I went ahead and read a lot of the blog comments and I could see why she is so damn pissed. People are saying all types of disrespectful and vulgar things about her, for basically…having sex with men she was in relationships with, and then having children. And guess what I don’t believe that those criticizing her  commenting are church-going spouses. What very few folks are saying is that it’s only because she’s a WOMAN!!! What is this like 1925?? It’s 2008, let her do her.