I would just like to start a list of things that 50 says because they are mildly entertaining by themselves. Today, on Super Tuesday, he said he was going to vote for Hillary. When asked why not Barack, 50 said “I think they might kill him.” Watch. I think I understand the rationale behind what he said, but the fact that he actually said it makes 50…well, 50.

 And let’s not forget the Paris Hilton incident–where 50 tells her to “get the f**k off the stage.” Nice.

2 thoughts on “50-isms

  1. Is 50 a felon….I mean, can he even vote?…..(Obama assassination) Yeah it crosses all of our minds, but it’s just ignorant to base your vote on that & be held down by fear…..aint no place like america…. Seriously!

  2. Kim, I expect you to do a bit better research on stuff, and view things a bit better. In the “Wanksta” video where 50’s supposedly telling Paris Hilton to get off the stage, the blond haired woman arrowed out to be Paris at the front of the stage was at the front of the stage the whole time making it impossible for him to be telling her to get off the stage. Continuation of misinformation or gossiping about pseudo-celebs or anyone else is old and is most definitely a bad character trait to be dragging around.
    As for Obama…he’s had Secret Service Detail for nearly a year now.

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