Upon first look at this picture, you might think…this is a decent looking guy, but I’m smarter than that. For the past year, I have seen this picture passed off as T-Pain, and I’m putting my foot down. I don’t buy it anymore!! Jive records, you can’t trick me like that. I know what I saw when I saw this man in person. I don’t know who this guy in the picture is, but trying to pass him off as T-Pain is not going to go over well with fans. Now I don’t want to fully blame the artist or the record label here, because it could be a bunch of irresponsible internet bloggers and journalists not doing their research. I’ve learned about the art of picture taking and how one must angle their head a certain way to get the best results, but this is more than just something like Mariah being photographed from one side of her face. This, my children, is another person. It is a skinny, light-skinned (okay maybe brown) person. No, it is. Doesn’t anyone agree with me or am I blind? Who is this guy?

One thought on “C’mon. T-Pain? It’s not him.

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