Okay, so I laughed at myself when I watched this because I don’t know what the heck made me curse so much in an interview. Shouts go to Doggie Diamonds and ForbezDVD for getting this interview way before the book had even come out. And I apologize to all my girls who keep yelling at me, telling me not to forget to take the sunglasses off my head. I’m conscious of it now, I swear ! LOL.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Doggie Diamonds/Forbes DVD Interview“, posted with vodpod

3 thoughts on “My ForbezDVD/Doggie Diamondz Interview

  1. Wow I just finished your book striaght from the Source.A very well put together book.I was impressed with your writing skills and analogy of working in a male dominated environment. Yes i’m a man but I agree you did everything right and thats why I and thousand sof others are so impressed with your story.I’m originally from the Bronx now living in Denver Colorado. Yes Brothers live out West!

  2. @Doggie Diamonds…

    Duh. i can’t believe i spelled it wrong when it’s right there on the watermark. that’s how fast i throw things up. sorry!! fixed.

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