This is no newsflash to anyone who has two eyes and can see clearly the corrections officer in the photo that Rick Ross once denied (okay, so maybe not an outright denial, but a definite answer of the it-wasn’t-me sorts) was him. But he recently said the following in a recent interview with Don Diva magazine.

“Yes. It’s me…I never tried to hide my past. I put my name inside my cds. My company has my SS#. I could’ve put a company name… I done been up and I done been down and that’s what makes me what I am. I never ratted on a nigga. I never prosecuted a nigga. I never locked up a nigga, that’s first and foremost. I always felt that me being the nigga that I am, I never owed a nigga an explanation… When I’m making my music and I’m talking about blow, it’s because I did it. When I say that I’m rich off cocaine, it’s because i did it. Those are the street principals that apply.”

A few months ago, I would have loved this. I’m so over it now.

6 thoughts on “Rick Ross… “I Never Tried To Hide My Past.”

  1. That has to be embarrassing for Rick Ross – the self-proclaimed drug kingpin that used to be a correctional officer with a stellar criminal record.

  2. Sh*t I ain’t mad at him, he had a job. He was a CO not a cop or prosecuter, being a CO is just another job. Does it matter as long as he makes good music?

  3. yall need to leave Rick Ross alone…..he makes good music and yall kno yall be listening to it…stop what if he was a correctional officer..what does thjat have to do with anything…in a few months this will all blow over and poeple will be findin somebody elses dick to ride so hop his…

    keep doin you and stay sexy RICK ROSS

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