Here. check out the promo to a new show we are launching on with me (yours truly), Jen The Pen, Angela Yee and Tionna Smalls.

7 thoughts on “Morning Coffee…

  1. ok kim, this shit is too funny. the girl with the glasses and wig look like a chocolate Queen Pen, the Blonde is clearly there to add to the range of colors, she sort of reminds me of the airhead chick on The View. I’ve never received this show on any Mondays so let me know if I can tune in on Monday. if anything, you gals should get lots of laughs because its Straight Comedy!!!! Good luck

  2. @Xica

    Actually, they all have really great things to add, and the range of colors you see honestly just happened. getting great feedback so far. it starts this Monday.

  3. I think its great! I missed it this Monday, but I’m on it next week and to Talkdatishgirl, I’m sorry you actually look better than QP!!! LOL
    I think I’m going to appreciate you guys on a Monday morning!

  4. Kim, Kim, Kim!!!

    All I have to say is I’m tuning in next Monday (and I’m telling all my Sister Queen’s to tune in too)!! 😉

    Keep bangin’ chica, you’re cracking heads out here!

    BlackQueen showin’ BX love to the fullest!

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