Here we go. Okay, I know that words on a blog alone without video or a picture is scary to folks, but here’s a little something I wrote on the Hip-Hop VS. America blog on Check it out….

Lately, there seems to be an infatuation with the girlfriends of hip-hop artists. These women have become overnight celebrities in their own right, whether it be through the art of a TMZ video or a Youtube upload that has virally spread around like an internet wildfire. Not that this is a new phenomenon, I remember the doubt that fans had when Ms. Melody, former wife of KRS-one, decided to put out a rap album. Despite any talent that she may have had (arguable or not), no one wanted to ever give Ms. Melody any props for being anything else but KRS’s wife.

But these days, the girlfriends of rap artists are getting media attention for being just that—girlfriends. No rapping, no singing, no nothing; just the high honor of being the chosen one in the sea of women in which artists dive. So the question becomes, is being someone’s girlfriend transcend you into stardom or will these girls get the short end of the stick when, and if, the relationship fizzles out.


Kanye West is one celebrity whose girlfriends always seem to get their 5 minutes of fame. His latest Amber Rose, a shaved-head light-skinned aspiring model with a fierce body and a permanent cigarette attached to her fingers, seems to be the most intriguing of all (especially as the lesbian rumors continue to pour in). Blogs also say that Amber is a former stripper, and if pictures soon surface, I predict her star will rise even more so. But it still remains to be seen whether Amber’s appeal transcends being Kanye’s girl. In the past, former Kanye girls have become partially successful—depending on how you look at it. Alexis Phifer, the most recent ex, is an aspiring clothing designer, and Brooke Crittendon is a current cast member of the BET reality series Harlem Heights.

In the case of Joe Budden and his girl Tahiry, who was just recently photographed for the cover of King magazine, the scales seem to be tipping in her direction. Unbeknownst to Tahiry, she became the star of Joe Budden’s video blogs–reality tv-type material that became popular on his Youtube channel. Since the couple started broadcasting their private lives on the internet, Tahiry has become the latest hip-hop darling. But while a possible reality TV and modeling career could be awaiting her, will she ever grow outside of the Joe Budden girl role.


In an era where the role of women in hip-hop has been reduced significantly, it remains to be seen whether dating a rapper (yeah, I said it) is the fastest way to come up. Please, let the comments begin…


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12 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Girlfriends: Overnight Celebrity Or Just Arm Candy?

  1. Yea many of those chicks are opportunists. But hey, those fellas are attracted to that type, so they have no shame in their game. It’s no question that they’re just “arm candy” until the right moment in time comes for them to network with the right somebody or pose for that right picture, ya dig?

  2. I always found that to be so comical how the girlfriends of Hip Hop artists can become so famous in a matter of one snap shot, it kind of reminds me of Twisters video for “Overnight Celebrity”. I guess thats the reason why the relationships never really last because the girls come into the relationships after the riches are acquired and most of them go when the money is done.

  3. Good one Kim…hmm well in my opinion…it’s easy for us to say that most of these women are just that…arm candy…I mean if its a lady that we kinda know (based on what we read see or hear) was there before the ‘celebrity’ happened to the guy its easier to say that she is not really arm candy but may be the real deal…but there is always a very fine line…
    I was at the PowerHouse event last night…so glad you were there to share…loving the book…and fyi I live in the Bronx and I also went to Fordham!!!

  4. Rapper gf = social mobility; not a new phenomenon. If a rapstar rolls into a club, $ eyes lightup w @ least 30% of the regular female patrons, who then proceed to “lock & load”. Have seen it more times than I care to remember. Those women, five years later, are still reaching for the same caviar dreams. Sad, really.

  5. Good post, I think the question comes down to longevity and what these girls really have to offer. Photo shoots and publicity is cool, but not if no one will ever know you beyond being “so and so’s girlfriend”. Lots of people (male and female) get a little leadway in because of who they know, so it’s not uncommon, but after the party or relationship is over what’s left and will the media even care about them.

    Amber Rose is pretty but no one knew who she was until she appeared on Kanye’s arm. The question is do they have staying power or talent? For every pretty face or banging body, there’s a million others girls, so if they have nothing special to offer and don’t make the right moves to be more than just a rapper or artist’s girl, yeah their time will certainly fizzle out.

  6. You are what you record says you are: So much for the independent women movement-I dont know if women are not feeling being “reduced” in hip hop but the reality is EVERY club in the USA this weekend will have a majority of women tryna become one of these rappers (or a black man of similar stature and fame) girlfreind. Thing is they wont date a brother in the same boat they in-not “on” and/ or coming up in their chosen profession-yet then I gotta hear how “independent” she is…kiss my ass-my moms brought 4 cars with no man in NYC since 68- includig co-signning her daugthers car and she is married!!!!

    Until women change-thats right WOMEN-men arent gonna stop this kinda of thing-I be damned if I am Kanye and “I’d do better” no-I am gonna date all these self sabotaging chicks who once they get clipped they are as dead as George Washington, despite all of the new power women have today…aint a damn thing change

    BTW…still waiting for Gloria Velez “album”

  7. Ms. Kim can you be my arm candy? LOL! Just kiding i don’t want to get injured by no ones boyfriends a guy can have his fantasies right? Anyway i do think think any star status helps and that goes both ways it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful person with you no matter what you call beautiful and famous for whatever there career field is.

  8. Cool blog. It’s a breath of fresh air to find something informative on the web for a change. Keep up the great writing! I sure wish I could afford a ride like that! one day…

  9. hell everybody wants to be famous and if being seen with the artist is going to get you ther so be just dont think its worth cause as sure they can make they can also break

  10. Isn’t this true in other cases too? You sometimes have the athlete’s wife, or the politician’s wife? Its not the rapper’s wife is so unique, its probably the caliber of women rapper’s are attracted to. Rappers like models. Models like media attention. Its a perfect career fit. Then you have people like LL cool J’s wife who although most people don’t know what it is she does was probably not seen as a rapper’s girlfriend before she was married. Its all about what the girl is trying to do. For many of these girls its just another career opportunity.

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