jay and tpain

I’m just sayin. Between the “Big Ass Chain” he rocked, and him coming out unannounced during Jay-Z’s set. I think T-Pain was the biggest thing at NYC’s Summer Jam this year. 

damn…Lol. it’s been that long since my last post. oh well.

3 thoughts on “T-Pain: The Real Star of Summer Jam

  1. I think that T-Pain should have sat this one out.Jay aint that dudes friend and i dont even think he know Jay at all.them guys dont collab or nothing.you know,that was Jays summer jam “moment”…he supposed to have that to himself,lol

  2. I feel what you’re saying Kim, but uhm…homie is still a clown. I’m seriously upset at the industry these days. I heard T-Pain sing live on stage here in Atlanta, and god it was awful. Dude is a straight studio artist and has no natural talent. Theres a lot of that here in Atlanta…the no talent part I mean. Everything seems so gimmicky…anyway just putting in my two cents. I hope to tell him, I want my money back.

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