I know the inconsistency of this blog has some of you calling me lazy. Ha. My former intern, now the Hip Hop Culture Editor at globalgrind.com (big title now, ooh!) said that I was slippin’ because I hadn’t been updating my blog or doing too much in the industry. The first thing I did was laugh. But yes, he’s right. 

For the record, I was taking off some much needed family time, as well as ghostwriting a book for someone. I will fill you in on those details later. And I haven’t been totally asleep at the wheel, because I’ve been doing other things for work too. A couple of weeks ago, I got an exclusive interview with Chris Brown while he was reading to kids at Sisulu-Walker Charter School in Harlem. Now you know that they shut down any questions that weren’t related to his appearance there and his upcoming tour, but Chris seemed to want to talk about other things. Watch it and see.  Check out my interview with Chris Brown here.

4 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…

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