Keyshia Cole Ain’t Nobody’s “Fan”

Ah, Keyshia Cole. She has helped to give me an identity that I will ever so proudly wear on my sleeve. Meet me: a “fan” of music. 

A few hours ago, I had a brief 10 minute exchange with Keyshia Cole, who was a bit turned off by a question that I asked during an interview that I waited quite a long time to get. No, I didn’t ask her about Floyd Mayweather, who she’s been spotted with recently. No, I didn’t ask her about her relationship with Young Jeezy (who she HASN’T been spotted with as of late). And no, I didn’t ask her about the diva-like attitude that she has been accused of having. After getting in all my fluff questions about her career and her face on a new hair product and blah blah, just to make her feel comfortable and get a happy-go-lucky interview for work, I merely asked her, (after seeing her leave her trailer to watch Lil’ Wayne perform), whether she was a “Lil’ Wayne fan?” Her response: “Fan?” (eyes rolling beneath the sunglasses). “Fan?” (“tsk” noise made from her teeth).  Then, when the interview was over, she walked away and uttered, “I can’t believe you said I was a ‘fan.’ ”

Okay, now i wasn’t going to go there in print. But I am bored at the airport and this is fresh on my mind. Plus, West Palm Beach has FREE WIRELESS…who would’ve thought. So I had to think about all the music “fans” in the world who should feel insulted by her comment….including me. What would her own “fans” think? What is her definition of a fan? Those who she considers the lowest person on the totem pole? A mere regu-LAR (emphasis on “Lar”)? A “nobody” who just buys records and watches celebrities from afar? Fan…ugk, the nerve of me.

What is the insult in calling someone a fan? Especially when I watched Lil’ Wayne jump up and down and say her name when she passed the media tent while he was doing an interview. There’s something to be said about an artist who can admit that other artists inspire them, or that they just enjoy music enough to recognize their peers whom they respect. And good for Lil’ Wayne who, from the likes of the crowd roars, had more “fans” in the audience than she did.