Ah, Keyshia Cole. She has helped to give me an identity that I will ever so proudly wear on my sleeve. Meet me: a “fan” of music. 

A few hours ago, I had a brief 10 minute exchange with Keyshia Cole, who was a bit turned off by a question that I asked during an interview that I waited quite a long time to get. No, I didn’t ask her about Floyd Mayweather, who she’s been spotted with recently. No, I didn’t ask her about her relationship with Young Jeezy (who she HASN’T been spotted with as of late). And no, I didn’t ask her about the diva-like attitude that she has been accused of having. After getting in all my fluff questions about her career and her face on a new hair product and blah blah, just to make her feel comfortable and get a happy-go-lucky interview for work, I merely asked her, (after seeing her leave her trailer to watch Lil’ Wayne perform), whether she was a “Lil’ Wayne fan?” Her response: “Fan?” (eyes rolling beneath the sunglasses). “Fan?” (“tsk” noise made from her teeth).  Then, when the interview was over, she walked away and uttered, “I can’t believe you said I was a ‘fan.’ ”

Okay, now i wasn’t going to go there in print. But I am bored at the airport and this is fresh on my mind. Plus, West Palm Beach has FREE WIRELESS…who would’ve thought. So I had to think about all the music “fans” in the world who should feel insulted by her comment….including me. What would her own “fans” think? What is her definition of a fan? Those who she considers the lowest person on the totem pole? A mere regu-LAR (emphasis on “Lar”)? A “nobody” who just buys records and watches celebrities from afar? Fan…ugk, the nerve of me.

What is the insult in calling someone a fan? Especially when I watched Lil’ Wayne jump up and down and say her name when she passed the media tent while he was doing an interview. There’s something to be said about an artist who can admit that other artists inspire them, or that they just enjoy music enough to recognize their peers whom they respect. And good for Lil’ Wayne who, from the likes of the crowd roars, had more “fans” in the audience than she did.

21 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Ain’t Nobody’s “Fan”

  1. WHO CARES what Keisha thinks! I don’t quite understand HOW a Crackhead’s daughter & prostitutes sister (& former prostitute herself) can be SUCH A BOURGEOIS SNOB!! PLUS, IF U don’t like her WHY R U talkin’ 2 her?? Didn’t U win a multi-million dollar lawsuit? WHY are U still worried about this kinda bullshyt?? How bout YOU tell us what’s going on WITH YOU for once!

  2. Kyshia Cole is a penis. She can’t even sing. And to think she believes she is the ONLY chick who can sing. No. She sucks and will go out like Tasha holliday…….memba that 90’s… MESS? Here’s her sister.

  3. This none singing girl is ghetto trash, period.
    This chile couldn’t find a key to save her life. She “should” be glad that Neffe and Frankie are even fans of her “singing”.

    For her to not understand that celebs always say they are fans of other celebs work is just typical of her hoodtastic kind.

  4. LMAO! This is so funny. Keyshia Cole is a little gassed. I like her but she is getting a little bit outta hand especially talking to a great like you, Kim. She better humble her ghetto ass up or she will be so yesterday. Good post, Kim!

  5. Wow! She just showed some real bitchassness something that puffy would say…lol Keisha is way out of line and she comes of like she is a topnotch glamour chick. I mean damn she lucked up and got a deal. She can’t sing live, she has a funky ass attitude and everyone who bought her album gives the shit away cause it was a waste of money. I mean she is trying to recreate the image of Mary. But she is not the truth like Mary was and still is. So Im gone ask Keisha Cole as we would say In Grand Rapids, MI ” Sit that nasty thang Down”

  6. I think how she said it was fucked up but she just said she likes his music but shes not a big time fan of his. i like alot of ppls music it dont make me no fan tho. but how she said it was unprefessional. but she just say how she want to and maybe she dont even like the chick who gave her the interview.

  7. Yall need to stop hatin on keyshia like that. That shit is pitiful.The person who mentioned her mother is ignorant. Her moms aint got shit to do with it. Keyshia doin her thang so keep on hatin.

  8. her moms had her so if she cant sang she just cant sang if they think thats singing what is it SHE CANT SING SHE CANT SING HER SONGS JUST HAVE MEANING TO THEM BUT!!!!!!!SHE-CANT-SING………

  9. I just saw this post Kim…

    Blogs have been a gift and a curse to real writers, but thank God we have them, otherwise these kind of behavioral factoids wouldn’t get out about our “favorite” artists 🙂


  10. i tell you.

    ..these record companies need to stop givin dese hoodrats record deals..
    ..her ass should be sellin her cd’s from the back of a car

  11. Keyshia can’t sing. And stop thinking that people are hating on her? For what? Nothing at all. She getting that paper and i cant blame her but its messed up that alot of beautiful women who actually have the talent will never get to where she is. I hope Jazmine Sullivan does well cause God knows she can sing.

  12. I saw the interview and was very surprised and almost offended myself, she sounded like a straight up snob. I think she betta remenber where she came from and how she didn’t like how foxy brown treated her when she was just a “fan”

  13. This was the intent of placing this on this site. People instantly latch onto anything negative said by a celebrity and proceed to say the first witty negative thing that thier mind can come up with. I dont give a damn if Keyshia Cole feels she is above being a Lil Wayne fan. Hell for all we know they fuck on the regular. All I can judge Keyshia on is her music which is the only contact I have with her and I am satisfied with the encounter…..

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