This is the beginnings of my very own blog. I’m about two years too late, but hey, I’ve been busy. If you’re wondering why my shit looks like a resume, it’s because I’m not a fuckin’ designer…so there. Come back, cuz when I finish setting this up, I’ll be back to my usual sarcastic, shit-talkin’, opinionated reporting on all things Hip-Hop and then some.

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I don’t have time to pee and I only have one kid and you manage to do this with two kids, a demanding man, and full time job!!! I BOW DOWN TO YOU K.O.!

  2. Haha…hee hee…I just realized that comments await moderation…whatever that means…ok back to the wonderful world of Disney!

  3. Two years too late, never. This thing is just getting started and like you said, you were busy with life. Now with that being said…

    Welcome to the blog world and congrats.

    my usual sarcastic, shit-talkin’, opinionated reporting “, you… really, not ever…
    This is what we have been missing, everybody is so careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings, screw that.

    I think that it is toe stepping time (again).

    Ok, get back to writing.


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