If you haven’t already checked out our Hip-Hop Vs. America Blog on, then please do. Not just because I work there, but because Beans sort kinda dissed T.I. and I love the drama. I think Beanie Sigel is the only rapper allowed to dis whoever he wants. I have no objections. I’m very convinced that he is bout it. My only question is in reference to the picture above. How will he run from police with all that extra weight on him? I shouldn’t have said that. Now, I’m scared.

2 thoughts on “Beanie Dis T.I.?

  1. Benie is right. Like I always say: “You can live where people get killed everyday, but that does not necessary make you a murderer nor a victim.” You can continue living your life or making other people lives your own. It’s like a mere song interpreter, you are trying to convince people that song belongs to you. A Milly Vanilly kind of act.

    Since when “Gangster” is a cool word? Nowadays everybody is one. In the past whenever you heard the word gangster you got scared. You relate it to homicide upon respect or money, but now real gangsters have to come up to a new word to describe them or else they won’t be taken serious unless they actually kill the person they want to believe they are, but at the same time they would kill their witness of what they are.

    Thanks for that dose of Kim Otherapy

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