Like any fan, I need to be entertained, and things are way too bland and serious these days. Here are a few things I’d like to see happen before the year comes to an end. Here’s my Christmas wish list.

  • Another R. Kelly beef. Ne-Yo just teased us with his interviews when he got kicked off the tour (Read), but I’m really starting to feel like R. Kelly is a bigger diva than them all. Any time there is some sort of R. Kelly drama, it’s classic. I wanna re-live the pepper spray moment.
  •  Beyonce leaves Jay-Z. I feel like Beyonce has waited long enough for a damn ring. And if she has it and is hiding it, then that doesn’t count. Would love to see her flee for like a Chris Brown or Bow Wow to keep herself in the under 30 club. (no, i don’t believe she is under 30).
  •  A Janet and Jermaine Dupri sex tape. Just imagine how interesting this would be when Janet whips out a boob in the bedroom.
  •  A full album of Lil’ Wayne… singing. You know it’s coming, so why doesn’t he just spare us the wait and start belting out the vocals.
  • Diddy and His Kids Reality Show – You can go ahead and say that you enjoy Run’s house and Irv Gotti’s show, but in this day and age, I can’t bear to watch anything that resembles a modern day Cosby show or Family Ties. It’s 2007 and none of the families on TV are a match for a mogul with 3 baby mamas, no wife, a hot temper and an ego.
  •  A presidential pardon for T.I.  People are really criticizing T.I. for his recent arrest. I don’t know how he’s gonna get out of this one, so I’m asking anyone with the power to release him. We need ATL: the Sequel. Free T.I.! Too bad I don’t manufacture t-shirts.

 I’m not finished yet. but you can help me.

One thought on “My Wish List

  1. First Jay Z, now NE-YO, hey R Kelly, maybe you should go out on tour by yourself, what you think?

    A sex tape of them…yes, so myself esteem would grow.

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