To “entendre” or not to “entendre,” that is Jay-Z’s question. ‘Twas once a skillful clever wordsmith, whose unpredictable witty lyrics earned him praise and accolades, has become a victim of the spoken phrase with double meaning, spewing words now twisted up in the tangled web we weave.

I remember when I first heard the phrase. Freshman English class. And it has now resurfaced in the rhymes of the Almighty Hov-er and over again in the past year and a half. Alas, my ears tire. But in his overuse of the double entendre, is he attempting to educate a generation of Freshman class cutters who shant even show up to class to learn prose in proper context or merely stressing his newfound love of literature.

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer, the slings and arrows of hooked on phonics. Ah, To Rap. To Sleep. For in that sleep of rap, what yawns may come.

(Does anyone care that I didn’t write this down at first? I don’t write it down! Aw shiznit, i’m a genius. Did you read what I wrote? Did you hear what I said? Isn’t this annoying? Are you getting the point?)

12 thoughts on “Jay-Z: A Slave To The Double Entendre??

  1. I think Hov’s use of double entendres makes for humorous material especially at a time when acts like Mims and Souljahboy who are lacking in lyrical content are in high rotation. At least, what he says actually makes sense.
    I’m not a businessman…. I am a business, man…lol

  2. I think it opens the door for literary analysis of Hip Hop. It makes you stop and think to see if there is more than just the double entendre. Sometimes there is a triple or even quadruple.

    It’s going t make more rappers pay attention in literature class and actually learn something in school….that’s worth every overused pun they could possibly come up with.

  3. “Monsta of the double entendre/Coke is still my sponsor/Cola that is…” Incredible. He raps for grown ups. My motto is “If you were born after 83′ YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE!”

  4. How can you criticize the overuse of the double entendre? That makes no sense to me. Why? Because the first meaning is so straightforward, that few may even pick up on the second or third meaning (there may not even be one).

    If Jay never explained his lyrics in interviews, or made that song on Kingdom Come, I swear this blog post wouldn’t exist.

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