LOST & FOUND: Jay-Z From Back In The Day

Has anyone seen this guy lately? I’m just asking. Now, I know everyone has seen this old Jaz video, or maybe not if you are too young, but damn Jaz-O was nice with the fast rapping.. Anyway, I love vintage stuff like this, so when I found it, I had to post. Peep the dance he does at the 3:16 mark.

Jay-Z’s President Is Black…Um…

Am I not allowed to say how not impressed I am by these rhymes, just because of the topic and because we are one day away from inauguration. I need you all to understand how much of a Jay-Z fan I am before I say this. I’m saying, they rewinded the beat like three times for what?? To say that I’m not that impressed with the lyrics is an understatement.

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Jay-Z To Perform At Presidential Inauguration


Please do not tell me that you are surprised about this news. There are reports that one of the artists performing at the Presidential inauguration this year is none other than Jay-Z. 

Remember, Beyonce put her bid in early and she’s supposed to be performing too, as well as Leona Lewis. 

What songs should he perform? I say “Encore,” but encore for Barack, not Jay. I really hope he doesn’t do the “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” and show Barack on the screen doing it in the background. What do you think?

Beyonce on Ellen Degeneres Show

So somebody’s people must have called somebody’s people because Beyonce hit the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday.

Ellen got Beyonce to “yapping” about marriage. I have to say that I’m feeling Beyonce these days (as you can see with my double posting). She’s been quite the annoying star over the years with her never-taking-a-break stuff, but there’s some honesty about her in these interviews that she’s doing. I like that she is talking about the marriage, not dishing on the details but acknowledging it, despite the fact that Jay-Z is still playing that game of keeping shut. I need to hear Jay-Z say “my wife” or something like that. I really need him to stop pretending it doesn’t exist. The jig is up, jigga, just say it. We’re not asking you to talk about it, we just want you to stop trying to play the Jedi Mind Trick.

Barack Obama and How Hip-Hop Played A Role In His Election

Obama 2008

Last night, the Hip-Hop community celebrated, as Barack Obama was elected the first Black president of the United States of America. For those who don’t know, I’m back at BET.com and yesterday, it was great to be there to experience this historic victory. We had Murphy Lee, Killer Mike, Bun B, Rhymefest, and Dr. Todd Boyd blogging live on election day. We conducted in person interviews with people in Hip-Hop, from big celebs to newcomers, Russell Simmons, Rosa Clemente, Papoose, Q-Tip, Charles Hamilton, DJ Scratch, Sylvia Rhone, and more all talked about the significance of this day. Hip-hop did its thing this election and here’s a recap of the Hip Hop moments during this election that had us either laughing, crying or just shaking our heads.

Diddy Blogs – You can’t deny that Diddy played a role in this election. His open letters and stops in various cities made us proud that he spoke out when it mattered. But it was the damn Diddy blogs that he uploaded to Youtube that I just couldn’t get enough of. We got some of the best Diddy acting we’ll ever see, from his Blair Witch-inspired Sarah Palin blog to his twin daughters endorsement of Obama.

Ludacris Song – Sigh. Ludacris released a mixtape song, “Obama Is Here,” that criticized McCain and disrespected Hillary Clinton. Now, we know that rappers are going to go off at the mouth in their rhymes, but couldn’t Luda just wait until Obama was elected?? And maybe if he didn’t have that pic of him and Obama, it would have went unnoticed and the Obama campaign wouldn’t have had to distance itself, but when you know you’ve met him and there’s proof of that you should tread lightly. Help him help you!

Obama “The Next Contestant Up On That Jay-Z Screen” – The last time we saw Jay-Z throw someone up on that big screen at one of his concerts, it was Prodigy in a tutu. But during his tour with Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z took a step in a direction he’s never really gone. He endorsed Obama in a big way.

Young Jeezy Meets McCain – We recognize that McCain had very little celebrity endorsements, and that Young Jeezy supported Obama. But to see them shake hands on that Saturday Night Live stage when they met at a late night talk show was moving, entertaining and awkward all at once.

Queen Latifah as Gwen Ifill – Speaking of Saturday Night Live, we can’t forget Queen Latifah’s role as Gwen Ifill. No one could outshine Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, but to handpick Latifah in that spoof of the debate was big for hip-hop.

I was going to mention CNN and their ridiculousness of beaming in Will.i.am, but I’m trying to give them credit for being ahead of the curve with the technology.

Swagger Like Everybody Else…T.I., Jay-Z, Puff. Who’s Swagger Is It?

Who’s song is this? Now, I know that y’all are going to expect me to have some kind of insider knowledge, and I did. When I first heard this song, I thought it belonged to T.I. off his “Paper Trail” album. But now after spending countless hours on the net, i’ve noticed it’s everyone else’s “swagger” but his.

This is obviously the hottest song out right now, but does everyone have to jump on the bandwagon and do their own version. Is the beat drought really that serious? I read somewhere that Jay-Z is doing his own “Swagger” for his album, featuring Andre 3000, Young Jeezy, and Nas, and I could have sworn this was from T.I.’s album. But isn’t the whole point of this song that no one has anyone else’s “swagger.” Hello?

Read Sohh blog here about Jay-Z’s upcoming swagger.

Puff has swagger (from Youtube). My favorite swagger so far…

T.I. has swagger too…


Swagger, swagger, swagger…who’s damn song is this? Lol.