I went to the usual every other tuesday night industry spot, R&B Live. It was Bad Boy night, and it was hella crowded. Here are some flicks.


Diddy introduced his MTB4 boys. He said it was their first New York performance. They need more practice.


Here’s a better shot of all of them. Please don’t test me on their names.


…and right after the show, Cheri Dennis was going scuba diving…


…I don’t know where they found Jeff Redd. He sang two classics. Do you know he is the one who gave Mary J.’s demo to Puff and that’s how she got signed. Crazy…. He still contractually signed to Uptown Records….just kidding


all types of executives was in the crowd. Someone ask this man what he did with the real Kevin Liles.


and then Naughty By Nature performed. It was a weird twist of events, but it was fun. Treach was not happy with y’all industry folks. He said play his new record. Well, not in those words.


Janelle Monae. This girl was just weird. She could sing though.


No, Aretha was not there (but Denzel came last time). I just felt like showing this picture of her and asking for captions.

9 thoughts on “R&B Live Photos

  1. Can we get MTB back to hiphop … when people actually cared. I feel treach with that industry BS. MR. Liles looks like he’s on some Russell simmons diet…. he need to gain back 50 pounds or 1 of the Queen of soul’s boobs!
    See what happens when we stop making cross your heart bra’s.

  2. Well, you only noticed that Aretha’s boobs are big just because she’s wearing a necklace, otherwise, they would go unnoticed.

    Her breasts are bigger than JLO’s butt. I bet her feet won’t get wet if she walks under a rain shower without an umbrella ella ella.

  3. “Treach was not happy with y’all industry folks. He said play his new record.”

    New record? I think they forgot to tell anybody cause there’s no sign of it online. If he’s mad, he should be mad at his label and himself on that one.

    What’s up with Kevin Liles?

    Is he sick or does he always look like that?

  4. What the French Toast?!

    Bad Boy Night (pause) So many smart, sarcastic comments are running through my head, I can’t pick just one.

    Lord, have mercy on Aretha… You have to have a lot of dumbass people around you to leave the house and go to a public event like that. And she does it all the time! Please, please, please put them things away.

    Kevin Liles does look like Russell Simmons.

    Janelle Monae is cute and talented, but very wierd and please tell me she isn’t on Bad Boy, because I am going to really miss her after she puts out that one album and is never heard from again.

  5. My favorite is Robert the one on the far right, Kim. I love his lil country butt so much. I am going to get an exclusive on Day 26 for the site-watch, lol. But no, they’re all cool…

    Good pics and good post on this, Kim.

    Except for Aretha and Cheri Dennis…
    They both look straight up crazzzzzzzy. Especially Cheri Dennis. She makes me itch, lol.

  6. Ummm….. errr….
    does anyone notice her areola are pouring out?
    Has dementia set in ? Why does this heffa always want to wear some spaghetti straps? They actually look like spaghetti.


  7. You are so crazy!!!
    That pic of Re-Re is just plain crazy—i guess when you get up there in age and have “legend status” you can damn near do whatever you feel like doing!!!

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