In Defense Of Cassie In The Nude


So here’s the thing about the Cassie photos that I find interesting. Cassie titties leak onto the internet and the blogs go crazy. then she responds in what I think is an appropriate response. She says “mine weren’t the first you’ve seen….and they won’t be the last. People need to grow up, and move on…” Good for her.

Most people that I’ve talked to believe that Cassie did this herself for some publicity, but I don’t know if I believe that. There were a lot of other things that she could have done to get attention (like she could have shaved her head….oh, wait…).

Cassie’s second album comes out this June. It’s called Electro Love. Friends in the office here say she can’t sing, but I’m like, hey, when did that ever really matter??

More Notorious

Ya’ know I’m obsessed with the Notorious movie, especially since Big was one of my favorite emcees (for the record, my favorites are KRS, Slick Rick, Biggie, Redman and Jay-Z…not “Euro Jay” but Classic Jay). Anyhoo, I had to post the latest from Diddy about the Notorious movie, which is still managing to make news with all the back and forth drama between the real-life characters. Here’s what Diddy said…the most interesting thing being his Lil’ Kim comments. 

Notorious Diddy

Happy New Year! Yes, I’m like 16 days late, but I haven’t posted anything about it because I’ve been working! Plus, I like to be fashionably late…

Well, the first thing worth talking about this year, for me at least, is Notorious. I am in full Notorious mode. I have done the interviews, I am finally reading all the books, and will eventually see the movie (maybe today!). 

Check out Diddy’s latest blog:

Have you seen the movie? Let me know what you think…

and check back, because I’ll be posting some interesting stuff from the Ms. Wallace, Gravy, and Dream Hampton interviews we did for BET.

Diddy Scared Of Sarah Palin…Am I Laughing With Him?

Or at him? I don’t know but Diddy’s got me rolling on the floor with his blogs. These keep getting better and better. Why watch a reality show when you can just log on to youtube. I wanna say make him stop. But I keep watching…

This acting is better than Raisin In The Sun. Maybe he’s not acting. Anyway, it’s funny.

Awww…Diddy Loves sweet

Just watched that video where Diddy gives props to Kanye West and his glow in the dark tour. Diddy says that he’s in love with hip-hop again, after going to the Kanye West show, which took place last week in NYC. Now, because I love talking about beef between artists, I thought it was worth my attention to shed  light on the fact that diddy was on some positive ish.

It was particularly funny to me when diddy says this was “bitch-ass-ness-free.”

Now, I have yet to see this show because no one has sent me any tickets, but I think I’m going to let my pride down and ask someone for some tickets. “The concert changed my live,” says Diddy. “I’m in love with hip-hop again.”

This is so beautiful, i might cry. Can i get some tickets? and no, i will not sit in nose bleeds.

R&B Live Photos

I went to the usual every other tuesday night industry spot, R&B Live. It was Bad Boy night, and it was hella crowded. Here are some flicks.


Diddy introduced his MTB4 boys. He said it was their first New York performance. They need more practice.


Here’s a better shot of all of them. Please don’t test me on their names.


…and right after the show, Cheri Dennis was going scuba diving…


…I don’t know where they found Jeff Redd. He sang two classics. Do you know he is the one who gave Mary J.’s demo to Puff and that’s how she got signed. Crazy…. He still contractually signed to Uptown Records….just kidding


all types of executives was in the crowd. Someone ask this man what he did with the real Kevin Liles.


and then Naughty By Nature performed. It was a weird twist of events, but it was fun. Treach was not happy with y’all industry folks. He said play his new record. Well, not in those words.


Janelle Monae. This girl was just weird. She could sing though.


No, Aretha was not there (but Denzel came last time). I just felt like showing this picture of her and asking for captions.