Tionna says I don’t blog enough so I’m trying to do more (hey tionna!!). Okay, I’m mostly frustrated today with my workload, but I’ll go on and try to blog about something. What could I write about today? I know, I’ll blog about blogs. Blogs are crazy. I’m trying to keep up with everyone’s blog but I can’t, and I’m sorry. I feel like i need a blog about blogs… can someone start a blog about the hottest blogs online so I won’t waste my time looking at the same stories with different captions. Is it really just the pictures that I want to see? We should just accumulate all blogs into one master Earth of blogs and then I could scroll down and read what I want to read and look at the pictures I want to look at. I really don’t need everyone’s opinion on every little thing. Or maybe there should be a God of Blogs, like a Blogger God, God Blogger, Father Blog, Mother Blog whatever, who assigns certain bloggers to different stories so everyone isn’t covering the same shit. I feel like I have deja vu when I go online every day.

2 thoughts on “Bloggin’

  1. you need a personal assistant…someone who can chase all the blogs for you, someone like me. i know the company has enough money in the budget to hire you an assistant, since they have gone international and all. put me on, i will do all the things, you don’t want to, ol’ skool joe style. can’t you hear the music and see the image.


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