14 years later, they still don’t have answers to even that first shooting of Tupac at Quad Studios in Manhattan. But, not according to Chuck Philips who wrote the L.A. Times article that ran today. Okay, how quickly did Diddy and Jimmy Henchmen respond to that? My initial reaction was to call Chuck Philips and get him to comment on their comments. I did. Here’s what he said.

4 thoughts on “Wow. The LA Times Article on the Tupac Shooting

  1. Tupac said from the start that he believed they were involved in his ambush/shooting. Chuck is just going over the same tired ground and isn’t really telling us anything new.

    The question that most people want answered is -who succeeded in taking Tupac’s life in ’96’?

  2. Diddy is too big at this point if his career to be bothered by frilivious claims and conspiracy theories about the murders of Biggie and Pac. But this story is huge, Philips is thorough and he makes a lot of sense, and Diddy wants no parts of it. Diddy has a sketchy rep, he’s not known to be the most compassionate man in the world (ask D Block) – so its not a grand surprise that he possibly had a greater hand in the incident that we knew at first. Both Sean Combs and Jimmy Henchmen should be trembling now, they don’t need to be tried in court to receive some heat for this in the street. People aren’t ready to forget Tupac’s death. When the smoke clears, if it turns out Diddy and Henchmen were behind the first shooting in Manhattan, it is only logical to assume they planned the fatal shooting in Vegas. If it comes out that they conspired Pac’s death, then the war will continue.

    They better get their PR teams together and hope for another blight in congress or the presidential race, because this story will not go away easily.

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