Just watched that video where Diddy gives props to Kanye West and his glow in the dark tour. Diddy says that he’s in love with hip-hop again, after going to the Kanye West show, which took place last week in NYC. Now, because I love talking about beef between artists, I thought it was worth my attention to shed  light on the fact that diddy was on some positive ish.

It was particularly funny to me when diddy says this was “bitch-ass-ness-free.”

Now, I have yet to see this show because no one has sent me any tickets, but I think I’m going to let my pride down and ask someone for some tickets. “The concert changed my live,” says Diddy. “I’m in love with hip-hop again.”

This is so beautiful, i might cry. Can i get some tickets? and no, i will not sit in nose bleeds.

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