I had a chance to sit down with Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine while down in Houston at the Ozone Awards earlier this month. Also, got some time with Bun B., Killer Mike, Crooked I and some others so check back for those interviews, but please check out this special edition of globalGrind’s Behind The Grind interview show featuring Julia Beverly. Pretty good stuff, especially where she goes right at folks. I like this girl.

The other part of this interview is here on Globalgrind.com.

Oh yeah, hi haters.

One thought on “Ozone Awards/Julia Beverly Interview…I Stay On My Grind

  1. I have had a heated exchange with Julia on more than one occasion, and I have the correspondence to prove it. She is such a wannabe who tries so hard to be something she is not, and tries to exploit Black artists all the time. I told her that her magazine was divisive, and trying to start fights among Black artists. The layout was sloppy and the photos were blurry and crappy. Her editiorals were the worst. She even backstabbed Elliot Wilson who gave her the publicity she craved by featuring excerpts from her magazine in XXL and spreading the word about Benzino’s beef with her (although Elliot was wrong for giving this witch shine), and that’s what paved the way for her to get advertisers and sponsors. If it wasn’t for him, she would still be that 5 X 5 black and white rag putting her crap on people’s car windshields.

    Now Kim I understand you had beef with Benzino so that’s why you try to big this girl up, but the witch is wack and you are just as wack as the people you criticized in your lawsuit for playing into this petty mess.

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