from pages 147 – 149…

Here’s another excerpt…

The Source was a hip-hop magazine, but somewhere along the way Ray decided the the Source was going to change its tune. It was going to be more of a men’s lifestyle magazine. Men in jail and involved in street activities. It was part of the reason wy he became so infatuated with F.E.D.S. magazine and hired Antoine–who was not making my job any easier. I had to come to work every day and deal with him after our incident. Fortunately for me, he barely came to work. When he did, however, I pretended as if his being there didn’t bother me anymore.

At one point, Ray was inspired to launch a completely new magazine. Originally to be called Source Style, it almost made its way onto newsstands. Meetings were conducted, stories were assigned, and a staff was assembled. Everyone was extremely excited about it until all of a sudden Dave called us into his office to inform us that the title for this spin-off had changed. It would now be ZNO magazine. For the rest of our days at the Source, we would refer to it as MagaZINO. Luckily, MagaZINO was never released because of budget concerns. But it didn’t matter, because the Source itself was slowly making its transition into MagaZINO anyway.

4 thoughts on “More From Straight From The Source (MagaZINO…ooops did i say that?)

  1. Kim,do you ever wish that things would have gotten more serious(marriage,children) between you and Nas or you and 50?

  2. Wassup Kim,

    I read your book today and I was very impressed. You were honest, unbiased, and informative. I know it was hard to admit your mistakes, past incidents with the mag and other unpleasant cirmcumstances; but I’m glad to see that justice was won. No disrespect to you or women, but I thought 7.5 million was a tad bit high; but nonetheless; a settlement was deserved. No person should have to be subjected to that type of humiliation and abuse at their jobs. Here are a few things I liked about the book and found interesting:
    1. It’s hard to believe how much of a punk Dave Mays is/was
    2. It’s hard to believe that Zino is that ignorant
    3. It’s hard to believe that 2 people effed up a cash cow like the Source by violating the number 1 rule in journalism; “stay objective”
    4. The Antoine/FEDS sections were hilarious. I used to read FEDS and wonder what was up with the typos and elementary school style of writing. Now I know.
    5. You were honest “industry relationship”. I know that ish was hard.
    6. As a writer/editor myself; I was transfixed at the way you detailed the inner workings of the mag. I definitely felt like I could visualize the “projects” and the “condos” and the internal battles.

    Good book. I will recommend on our site;


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