here comes the bad guy…

From that moment on, I likened Ray and Dave to Gargamel and Azriel of the Smurfs cartoon. When Gargamel was around the Smurfs would run for cover and try to avoid him at all costs to save themselves from being swallowed whole. Azriel was Gargamel’s pet cat, who performed some of Gargamel’s evil duties. When Azriel disobeyed Gargamel though, he was punished. Ray was a real-life version of Gargamel and we were the Smurfs. Dave was now viewed as the lowest man on the totem pole. He was Azriel. At least the Smurfs could be happy when they were at home with no sight of Gargamel, but Azriel was always with Gargamel. That was his home.

From Straight From The Source… p. 153

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