Now, we’ve all heard of frivilous lawsuits, but this one takes the cake. is reporting that Suge Knight is suing Kanye West for losing his diamond earring at Kanye West’s pre-VMA MTV party back in 2005. That’s the party where Suge caught a hot one in his leg, shattering his bone. No, Kanye wasn’t the one who shot him. That is some unknown, but Suge incurred expenses flying back from Miami in a private jet, and then losing his $135k diamond earring at the party. No, I’m not kidding.

But since it’s Suge suing, I might just advise that all the co-defendants in this case (it’s filed against Kanye and the hotel and blah blah) throw some cash in Knight’s direction. Nobody really wants it. Remember, Suge filed bankrupcy a few years ago.

For more on this, read here.

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