Jay-Z Unveils “Watch The Throne” At Exclusive Listening Session (BET.com)

For Jay-Z, Watch the Throne is showing his growth. Not so much musically but, moreso, personally. See, Jay has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to rap. That’s no secret. But now he is so established in his career, his new lyrics seem to be about his bigger purpose.  There are moments on WTT when Jay makes more references to Jesus than he ever has before, and there was a line or two, or three, about being “Black,” which has never been a secret, but Blackness has never been played up by him on such a socio-political level (see the tentatively titled  “No Church”).  Maybe Kanye is helping him bring out a deeper sense of religion.

Kanye West and the Paparazzi…a match made in heaven

I really don't know what to think anymore about Kanye and the paparazzi. They are like the yin and the yang, the way they coexist. A match made in heaven. I have to admit, I am someone who validates the paparazzi's obsession with him. Sometimes I wonder, if he would just walk away and not … Continue reading Kanye West and the Paparazzi…a match made in heaven

Suge Knight Sues Kanye West

Now, we've all heard of frivilous lawsuits, but this one takes the cake. TMZ.com is reporting that Suge Knight is suing Kanye West for losing his diamond earring at Kanye West's pre-VMA MTV party back in 2005. That's the party where Suge caught a hot one in his leg, shattering his bone. No, Kanye wasn't … Continue reading Suge Knight Sues Kanye West

Hip-Hop’s Top 5 Most Entertaining Interviews To Watch

Here we go again with the lists, but I can't help myself. I was having a conversation (IM) with your boy Jackpot and we were going back and forth on who gives the best interviews, inspired by none other than Jim Jones, who was my most recent interview on Behind The Grind which we put on … Continue reading Hip-Hop’s Top 5 Most Entertaining Interviews To Watch

Kanye’s Anger Management Blog…sigh.

Yes, I too am very entertained by Kanye's (note: the photo above is not of Steve Urkell, but KW) blog posts. But it really serves as evidence as to why artists need publicists. His latest entry dismisses the rumors that he is going to anger management, in his very unique Kany-esque way. He titles his … Continue reading Kanye’s Anger Management Blog…sigh.

EW Pushed The Kanye West Spazz Button

  You know I waits for the Kanye moment! LOL. Now, I'm sure you've heard about the review in Entertainment Weekly, when the magazine rated his "Glow In The Dark" tour a B+. That's right, you read it. They gave him a mere B+! I know you're thinking how dare they, right ? (NOT). Well, Kanye went … Continue reading EW Pushed The Kanye West Spazz Button


  A little poem that I call "Why?" Why is Prodigy rappin' in all these different languages? It's actually not him but a new voice technology that translates his words for him. It sounds stupid. Why would he want to sound stupid? Why. Why is Kanye's new video Flashing Lights just shameless promotion for a … Continue reading Why??