Kanye West and the Paparazzi…a match made in heaven

I really don’t know what to think anymore about Kanye and the paparazzi. They are like the yin and the yang, the way they coexist. A match made in heaven. I have to admit, I am someone who validates the paparazzi’s obsession with him. Sometimes I wonder, if he would just walk away and not say anything, would it be the same? Probably not.

P.S. and really…what’s with the KFC and paparazzi. I’m beginning to think it’s a set up.

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Suge Knight Sues Kanye West


Now, we’ve all heard of frivilous lawsuits, but this one takes the cake. TMZ.com is reporting that Suge Knight is suing Kanye West for losing his diamond earring at Kanye West’s pre-VMA MTV party back in 2005. That’s the party where Suge caught a hot one in his leg, shattering his bone. No, Kanye wasn’t the one who shot him. That is some unknown, but Suge incurred expenses flying back from Miami in a private jet, and then losing his $135k diamond earring at the party. No, I’m not kidding.

But since it’s Suge suing, I might just advise that all the co-defendants in this case (it’s filed against Kanye and the hotel and blah blah) throw some cash in Knight’s direction. Nobody really wants it. Remember, Suge filed bankrupcy a few years ago.

For more on this, read here.

Hip-Hop’s Top 5 Most Entertaining Interviews To Watch

Here we go again with the lists, but I can’t help myself. I was having a conversation (IM) with your boy Jackpot and we were going back and forth on who gives the best interviews, inspired by none other than Jim Jones, who was my most recent interview on Behind The Grind which we put on Global Grind last week. So we came up with a list of the most entertaining interviews in hip hop. We agreed on the first 3, but then went off on our own for the last two. here they are.

1. 50 Cent – no one entertains us more than 50 during his interviews. We are not sure whether this is a brilliantly structured deliberate publicity move on his part and that of his team, or just downright foolishness when the camera light goes on. We are leaning more towards the former, because we know that 50 is that calculated with his career. Either way, it makes for a helluva show, whether it’s a 5-min internet clip he throws up on thisis50.com or a 30-minute sit down with MTV. We luhs it. 

2. Kanye West – Kanye is also a great interview. Although he doesn’t do them as much, we wish he’d spare us the internet written bloggin and go full speed ahead with the all-out videos. Just imagine how much fun it’d be to watch Kanye do the vblogs a la Diddy. In the middle of the video, he’d straight spazz on himself and break his own computer. 

3. Jim Jones – Unlike 50, we are all going to vote that Jim Jones’ on camera tactics are not deliberate, but rather unintentionally comical. It’s his animated delivery, his Jimm-er-ish speech and disregard for subject matter that we love the most. He is one of the very few interviews where you never know what you’re gonna get but can pretty much bank on the fact that you’re gonna get something good. I love that he will dis anybody anywhere and not give a fidduck. 

4. Khia – I’m not sure if Khia has actually ever been interviewed, or if she has only really interviewed herself, but either way, I love to watch her talk about nothing. Even in the longest of clips, she manages to entertain us with her blatant disregard for industry politics and ghetto-fied drama. 

5. Yung Berg – (I thought about giving this last spot to a former employer whose name I’ll neglect to mention, but then I realized he really isn’t that good at anything, even if he is delusional and entertains during his interviews by making most of it up). So I easily crowned Yung Berg with this achievement because how can such a newbie in the game get so much attention in such a short amount of time. A great interview, that’s how. He says the most outlandish stuff, so much so that i even thought of rating each of the artists in this lists with “dark butts.” 5 dark butts for a good interview, 1 dark butt for a bad one. You get the hint. 

An honorary mention goes to Snoop Dogg, who I haven’t seen interviewed in quite a while, but is always a good one, nonetheless.


Kanye’s Anger Management Blog…sigh.

Yes, I too am very entertained by Kanye’s (note: the photo above is not of Steve Urkell, but KW) blog posts. But it really serves as evidence as to why artists need publicists. His latest entry dismisses the rumors that he is going to anger management, in his very unique Kany-esque way. He titles his blog, “No anger management … if anything I need anger enhancement!” Punctuated with a loud “LOL!”

If he had consulted a publicist, manager or whatever, they might have told him that using a lot of questionmarks and exclamation points in his entries–in blog world–almost always translates as emotional, and could possibly be perceived as angry. I wish he would stick to the cool art stuff in his blog and stay away from the trigger happy media responses.

For the record, I don’t think Kanye needs anger management, just better management in general.

EW Pushed The Kanye West Spazz Button


You know I waits for the Kanye moment! LOL. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the review in Entertainment Weekly, when the magazine rated his “Glow In The Dark” tour a B+. That’s right, you read it. They gave him a mere B+! I know you’re thinking how dare they, right ? (NOT). Well, Kanye went off on his blog, saying there are only two grades A+ and F-, and he continued to go off on the magazine, ordering them to bow to him. Blah blah blah in usual Kanye spaz language. Then a few days later, he calmed down, updated his blog, and took some of it back. Uh. I don’t get it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Kanye take back a spazz.

Here’s my issue. And I know Kanye personally, so I usually support the things he does because he’s a genuine person. And sometimes he has a point, but his points usually get lost in the spazz factor. As it did here.

I’m going to go out on a limb (read: sarcasm) and say that once an artist reaches the Kanye level, they put so much damn stock in the mainstream press…as if Entertainment Weekly really cares?? It’d be nice if I believed that the two tickets + press passes + whatever else went to EW actually was the same thing that the hip hop press/writers across the board got, but I know these days that isn’t the case. (When someone i know asked for tickets, they told me they got shut down by his label, on some “don’t even ask for kanye tickets”). So it makes me wonder what makes most hip hop artists like Kanye feel the need to cater to magazines like Entertainment Weekly who writes reviews using words like Nietzschean and malaise (speak English!) and every other press outlet that doesn’t CARE-RA-RA-RA.  Seems like Entertainment Weekly and mags of its kind make rappers want to explore their inner intellect. Big words shouldn’t make a difference. Who’s bowing down to who now?

Kanye, keep spazzing on everybody, but be an equal opportunity spazzer.



A little poem that I call “Why?”

Why is Prodigy rappin’ in all these different languages? It’s actually not him but a new voice technology that translates his words for him. It sounds stupid. Why would he want to sound stupid? Why.

Why is Kanye’s new video Flashing Lights just shameless promotion for a Playboy model that somebody in his crew (could be him) wants to sleep with? Why oh why.

Why is Tank taking photos in handcuffs while he’s smiling when he just finished telling us he was the victim of police brutality? Why. Tell me why.

Why hasn’t R. Kelly’s case gone to trial yet when we first heard this like ten years ago? the little girls are all adults now. Why.

Why won’t Jennifer Hudson ever wear a push-up bra? what does she have against it? Why. Why. Why.


Watching Kanye…


We were paying close attention to Kanye last night at the 50th Annual Grammys, and I feel almost obliged to say that I am disappointed that I didn’t get a true Kanye spaz moment. How memorable was it when he has wilded out backstage at the MTV Awards this past Summer? Or when he jumped on stage that time at one of the Awards shows overseas. I feel robbed. I actually watch Awards shows now just to see what ‘Ye is going to do next, and he didn’t do much yesterday. Booo!!!!

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