I don’t know what puzzles me more: Lil’ Wayne’s blank stare or the fact that Katie Couric actually agreed to do this interview.Either way, I’m getting my popcorn ready for Wednesday night, when this Grammys special airs on CBS (2/4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT).

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2 thoughts on “Lil’ Wayne Meets Katie Couric…Scary

  1. Do you really think she listens to his music outside of research & interview prep? More proof that money controls the media machine…..Fame is as addictive as any narcotic and Weezy is in it neck deep so until rehab begins this ish is going to be fun to witness! Pass the popcorn.

  2. Kim,

    Any chance CBS is letting go of this interview in its entirety in the near future?! LOL…

    Katie and Weezy F. Baby; only for the Grammy’s! OMG: “I’m not an example of how to live your life. If you need an example of how to live your life you shouldn’t have been born.”

    Real talk?!?! (Drops computer).

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