Smells Like Lil’ Wayne: “Prom Queen” Video Teaser

I am not sayin that I like this. I am just saying that I really really CAN’T WAIT.

Lil’ Wayne Meets Katie Couric…Scary

I don’t know what puzzles me more: Lil’ Wayne’s blank stare or the fact that Katie Couric actually agreed to do this interview.Either way, I’m getting my popcorn ready for Wednesday night, when this Grammys special airs on CBS (2/4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT).

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Lil’ Wayne Recording Rock N Roll Album


Just when you had enough of Kanye singing, here comes Lil’ Wayne. In a video interview with (sounds like) Julia Beverly (click here, but the audio is kinda bad), Weezy says his next album will be a full-on Rock album. No, seriously. Wayne recently performed with Kid Rock at the Country Music Awards (for real, he did), and now he’s taking his guitar-playing self to a whole new level.

There is not yet a title for this ever-so-wonderful upcoming album, but I’m sure it will be along the lines of “Weezy Rocks” or something like that. Kidding. “Rock The F. Baby,” maybe.

Read more here. In the interview he also talks (i mean, babbles because he is doing a mumble kind of whisper) about the reaction he got to news of his son.

Top 5 Rappers In The Game (right now…i didn’t say all time or even all year). Because I Felt Like It, That’s Why.

I’m a big fan of these lists. Actually, lists were something I always encouraged when I was at the Source. Top 100 Lyrics (it’s a classic list if you’ve never seen it, you need to) back in 2002, Top 25 Producers, I can go on and on about how many of these we put together back then. Well, here’s my own two cents, so I’ll start the dialogue for me and my peeps to weigh in. I’m ready for the arguments, so here we go.

I never agree with the lists I see from others, so here’s my own. It’s the top 5 in the game…not 5..dead or alive…it’s not that deep. These are the 5 who are holding it down, (today), in my opinion, off the top of my head. I might even change my mind in a day and update this. I’ll start from the bottom and count up.

5. Game The Game is really growing on me. I always thought he was a decent rapper, but now I’m thinking he’s probably better than we give him credit for. I think there are a lot of issues with rapper’s credibility these days, their questionable career moves, etcetera, etcetera…but if we’re talking straight rap…words into a microphone…i think Game is kinda good.

4. Royce – Okay, so let’s put the nepotism out on the table. You know that Royce is like fam so I’m gonna say that first. But I will opt to say he’s on this list just because he is that good and not just because I hear his music all the time. Remember, I’m talking rap here, not who’s on fire or has the biggest buzz. Rap, straight bars, wordplay, flow, lyrics, yada yada. I could have said Eminem but I figured since their rhyme style is so similar, I’d go with the person that doesn’t hate me. hee hee.

3. Nas – Okay, I finally listened to some of his new songs, and I admit, Nas still has it. He’s the thinker rapper, and he’s still delivering material that opens the eyes of the hip hop community. That should stand for something so i’ll give him points for that. Plus, Nas has one of the best voices for rap also. Voice is very important although some pretty bad voices have been so good at the other things that they’ve canceled out this category.

2. Fabolous – Anyone who neglects to put Fab on their list is sleeping. I keep hearing guest appearances on different songs, and think, wow Fab actually keeps getting better. In terms of his writing, his metaphors and similes, his delivery and most importantly his wordplay, I really feel that Fab is killing everyone else. Where he falls short occasionally is in the subject matter area. I think if Fab got more personal on his rhymes and let us know exactly who he was and what he’s gone through, he would finally earn his place in the top tier. People never really talk about him when they talk about the best, but he is better than like 98 % of people makin records.

1. Andre 3000 – My vote for Andre as the best is a testament to the fact that flow and delivery are the two most important characteristics to today’s emcee’ing. I’m not saying that lyrics aren’t important…well, actually, yes, I am saying that they are less important these days. Think about it: if someone has great lyrics but a horrible delivery and you compare then to someone with average lyrics but can spit the heck out of them, then the average person wins because it sounds more like flava in your ear. In Andre’s case, his flow is ridiculous, and he rides every track I’ve heard him on perfectly. Lyrically, he adds to that by delivering complicated yet still comprehensible rhymes (you know I can’t listen to three syllable words unless there’s a punchline that goes along with it). That’s my vote. Plus, he got all y’all boppin your head to a Farnsworth song.

What do you think? Please don’t crucify me for leaving Weezy off. I’m sure he would have probably been in the top 10. Well, I’m not sure, but I still think he’s good, just not the first five. I know the Lil’ Wayne fan club is going to throw darts at my head.

Lil’ Wayne’s Album Sales, Really “A Milli”??

C’mon?? You mean to tell me that no one is going to question Lil’ Wayne’s highly impressive first week album sales. It’s not even Christmas time, so I’m a little skeptical when I hear that he pushed 1,005,000 his FIRST WEEK. Record stores don’t even exist anymore, and who buys CDs nowadays? I’m not saying that Lil’ Wayne isn’t the highest in demand, but 1 million? Doesn’t this beat out the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake sales? (I’ve got to check that but it sounds like it). Say it isn’t so.

I’m surprised that 50 Cent hasn’t released a statement about this (he seems to have a quote about everything else, these days). I’m waiting for 50’s quote on Wayne’s album sales. I can hear it now, in his slow drawl…i saw wayne with a truck outside the record store…sounds like something he would say. only he would say it meaner, and with a sinister laugh…like, ha, ha, ha. and then there would be a phone call of wayne crying on thisis50. No, i’m kidding.

If he did move 1 mil, then congrats to him. At least now we know that hip hop isn’t dead. only nas career just kidding again. 

Lil’ Wayne: From engagements to publicity, a hip-hop heavyweight spills the beans.


Hip-Hop is not dead…it’s just wack as hell. As I search for things to write about, I realize that there really isn’t much to say in this over-boring hip-hop climate. The only thing that I’m remotely interested in is Lil’ Wayne and his over-publicized love life. Funny, when I interviewed Lauren London backstage at the Hip Hop Awards back in October, she said she’d been following Wayne’s career since forever…or something like that…and she had an interesting smirk on her face. Duh, I’m so clueless and consumed with watching Karrine Steffan’s blogs confessing her love for Wayne all day on her site, that “LauWeezy”–as I’ll call them–flew right over my head (sandra rose is reporting the two got engaged…no, not Wayne and SuperBREAD as he likes to call her, but Wayne and Lauren London “Lauweezy”).

Anyway, I just want you to know that I’m not going to constantly post every little thing that’s happening from New York to Slovakia (btw-that’s where Ciara was spotted with 50) because this ain’t about breaking news.  You can get that everywhere else, so right now I’ll just vent about how boring everything is (except Weezy). I know this much, he must be smart, because all of a sudden there’s all these magazine covers, blog postings, marriage proposals, and hottest MC talk. Wa-la, we have what is called “publicity.” In my recent interest in Wayne (i swear six months ago, I would have never cared), I have fallen victim to the publicity stunt. Guess what? All of a sudden, I wanna hear the album. So my point and question is this: Is Lil’ Wayne really that good, or is everyone else really, really that bad?