Has anyone seen this guy lately? I’m just asking. Now, I know everyone has seen this old Jaz video, or maybe not if you are too young, but damn Jaz-O was nice with the fast rapping.. Anyway, I love vintage stuff like this, so when I found it, I had to post. Peep the dance he does at the 3:16 mark.

2 thoughts on “LOST & FOUND: Jay-Z From Back In The Day

  1. wow, its nice to find somebody else who is a big jay fan, for their own reasons.

    i think i seen this video once, a long time ago. i know ive seen the hawaian sophie video. lol. i hear jay used to be a dancing ass nigga. I have to see this lol. the jig at the end was hilarious lol.

    youre right about jaz tho. he got busy on nigga what nigga who too. i was kinda surprised.

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