Keyshia Cole Ready to Be A Mom?

She said it, I didn't. Okay, maybe she didn't mean right this second, but when I asked her what she wanted to accomplish in the next couple of years, Keyshia said she wanted to be a mother. You can read the interview here on Now, I know Keyshia wasn't the nicest artist to me when … Continue reading Keyshia Cole Ready to Be A Mom?

Keyshia Cole Ain’t Nobody’s “Fan”

Ah, Keyshia Cole. She has helped to give me an identity that I will ever so proudly wear on my sleeve. Meet me: a "fan" of music.  A few hours ago, I had a brief 10 minute exchange with Keyshia Cole, who was a bit turned off by a question that I asked during an interview that I … Continue reading Keyshia Cole Ain’t Nobody’s “Fan”