She said it, I didn’t. Okay, maybe she didn’t mean right this second, but when I asked her what she wanted to accomplish in the next couple of years, Keyshia said she wanted to be a mother. You can read the interview here on

Now, I know Keyshia wasn’t the nicest artist to me when I interviewed her last year, but I have to say that she was much easier to talk to over the phone. She seemed a bit more relaxed, and our conversation started leaning towards relationships, and she started to open up. Everybody needs somebody, and Keyshia is waiting for that person.

8 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Ready to Be A Mom?

  1. Keisha is the truth, but dang they need to get that family together before she start bringing children into it.

    Maybe she can have a baby by Tupac, since apparently she’s the only one that can still find him after 13 years to drop a hot new verse on a song.

  2. Keysha Cole had a hard time coming up. This didn’t stop her from continue climbing to the top. Now that she’s there, she is not giving up. She’s an example to all women what a true female baller looks and do. Go to to find out how you can become or reinforce your female baller’s status.

  3. Motherhood can bring out the best in us, but we need a good support system. It’s not as easy as just having a child…you need your village. Frankie as the head of the village is not a good idea….but would make for great entertainment 🙂

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