A little poem that I call “Why?”

Why is Prodigy rappin’ in all these different languages? It’s actually not him but a new voice technology that translates his words for him. It sounds stupid. Why would he want to sound stupid? Why.

Why is Kanye’s new video Flashing Lights just shameless promotion for a Playboy model that somebody in his crew (could be him) wants to sleep with? Why oh why.

Why is Tank taking photos in handcuffs while he’s smiling when he just finished telling us he was the victim of police brutality? Why. Tell me why.

Why hasn’t R. Kelly’s case gone to trial yet when we first heard this like ten years ago? the little girls are all adults now. Why.

Why won’t Jennifer Hudson ever wear a push-up bra? what does she have against it? Why. Why. Why.


One thought on “Why??

  1. well, now that you’ve brought up Kanye a couple times I’m interested in commenting (this may sound like a quantum leap, but Jay and Nas – artistically – aren’t currently as relevant).

    huh?? you didn’t like the video for “Flashing Lights”?? c’mon, Kimmie….that was probably the most cutting-edge video this year so far. who expected THAT? shit was cinematic (it was shot in just two takes), and sort of shocking.

    but Kanye has said “i don’t make videos, i make films.” well, at least he’s coming closer.

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