For those who may not know, I officially consider myself the biggest Jay-Z fan. I give you that information so that you may excuse me from what I am about to say. I am officially tired of Jay-Z collaborations. Jay is reaching these days. So what that in an interview with Hot 97 yesterday, he crushed the rumors of a Nas/Jay-Z collaboration. He just made it worst because ethis morning a new Jay-Z/Mary J. collaboration leaked to the internet. The song is called “you’re welcome” and it’s a straight bite from Kanye. Yawn. I can’t knock the hustle, but I’m tired. What’s next, a Jay-Z-inspired best of all worlds, featuring beyonce, mary, r. kelly, coldplay and bono.

 okay, so you thirstbuckets you actually care can go to Nile’s site, youheardthatnew.com to hear it.

4 thoughts on “Make Him Stop: Best of Both Worlds Part 3,020,000

  1. Jay need a wife or some kids or something….he got way too much time on his hands. he really needs to fall back and let the game grow without him. I think he tryin to keep up with Bee, or maybe losing to Nas hurt more than he let on (Stop ego-tripping Shawn) Hiphop will never be seriously discussed without him….but he needs 2 umm…. 2 quote Jay-z (gracefully bow out) what do you do when your the dopest lyricist ever and nobody cares: See Jay-Z

  2. I feel you on that.Jay needs to chill on the mic for a minute and stay on that executive tip .The ego is something else.Kim said it right,It’s starting to get tiring.Jay do some Dre ish and chill in the background pushing buttons(makin’ power moves)
    you got a good place in the Hip Hop history books.

  3. I am a HUGE Jay-Z fan… so I am checking for everything… but I agree, he needs a wife or some kids or something to do… It’s like he’s rushing to put out everything that he can think of before his time is up…

  4. I definitely agree with all above. Beyonce must not be putting that cooch game down enough because this boy always seem to find things to do… Hotels, advertisement companies, etc. It’s just way too much. Jay needs to understand that he had his time and he was the greatest at what he did. I mean, he won by default anyway (2 of the best happened to get killed so he won the title). I respect Jay but now he is taking some of this too far. I think he is afraid to get old. You know when old people are afraid to retire because they are afraid they will DIE somewhere (that’s him). What I want Bee to do is stop taking those depo shots and give this man something to chill for-unless young Hov is shooting those BLANKS. Damn. Overall, Jay get a life and stop trying to be current. It is very unbecoming of you. If you want to do any businesses, focus on a school in Marcy for those dumb ass kids who cant read over a third grade level or a music/performance center… Focus on giving back and not just water for Africa so you can get on MTV. Just had to get that off my chest. Nice post Ms. Osorio, I was very impressed.

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