Make Him Stop: Best of Both Worlds Part 3,020,000


For those who may not know, I officially consider myself the biggest Jay-Z fan. I give you that information so that you may excuse me from what I am about to say. I am officially tired of Jay-Z collaborations. Jay is reaching these days. So what that in an interview with Hot 97 yesterday, he crushed the rumors of a Nas/Jay-Z collaboration. He just made it worst because ethis morning a new Jay-Z/Mary J. collaboration leaked to the internet. The song is called “you’re welcome” and it’s a straight bite from Kanye. Yawn. I can’t knock the hustle, but I’m tired. What’s next, a Jay-Z-inspired best of all worlds, featuring beyonce, mary, r. kelly, coldplay and bono.

 okay, so you thirstbuckets you actually care can go to Nile’s site, to hear it.