Leave it to 50 Cent to take the opposite POV than everyone else. While the industry is busy trying to clean up its act and take some responsibility for the images of women that are being put out there, 50 is making it clear that the sexy music videos that have come under fire are good because they “shot females in the videos…like they were stars.” Yup, haha. There’s more. In a blog we posted today, he said, “Now, you can’t be allowed to create that type of [sexy] music video, at this point, because if you show the shot when you come up from her leg, they don’t want the shot that doesn’t have her head in it, at any point. So you gotta shoot from a certain space where you showing her whole body. You can’t do that dramatic thing that makes that portion of the shot sexy.”

50 has a way with words, right?

Anyway, yeah 50. We would like to see her face too, because quite frankly, it means that there is more to a woman than just her body parts. But no, we don’t want to compromise the “art” of the video, so how about we just continue to view women with heads instead of women with no heads…wouldn’t that be a nice compromise?

For more quotes from artists who contributed to the discussion, go to the Hip Hop Vs. America blog.

6 thoughts on “50 Cent on putting women in videos with no heads…lol

  1. LOL.

    God. WTF is wrong with these people? I mean, these (rappers) are mostly over 30, and they still say stupid and childish stuff.

    I have worked on half a dozen videos as a Talent Coordinator. I pick out video girls, and their bodies, and their heads.

    Most video networks as he stated, will not take a video with a scene where there is a girl with no head. Because it is demeaning to use these images 0f women, who are people too, as just body parts. I

    There are ways to make artistic videos… which I am sure that 50 has been trying to do for a long time, without filling people’s heads with subliminal images.

    Kim… I love your blog. Keep shedding light on this dumb shit.

  2. you osario, understand, life is complicated. keep educating dem. fifty isn’t for the youth cause everyones naked, thongs, so black and lovely. losing sensibilty.

    maybe we should take each from the beginning, and help them understand.

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