I’m sure you’ve already heard about the “number 4 theory” that has insiders saying that Beyonce and Jay-Z are to wed today at 4p.m.

Check it out…

Both of their birthdays fall on the 4th day of the month (Beyonce’s is September 4 and Jay is December 4)

They both have number 4 tattoos…

and…guess what today’s date is…4/4…

According to sources, they will be married at 4pm at Tribeca apartments this afternoon….stay tuned. Read more here.

According to theinsideronline.com, workers are building an indoor all-white tent with the roman numeral IV on it.

10 thoughts on “Jayonce Wedding! 4p.m….so they say…

  1. Awwww, wasn’t aware of the #4 theory (Thanks Kim). I really believe it’s true now. That’s some SPECIAL SHYT! They are SO MUCH MORE closer than I ever perceived them to be. I always saw them as the cute Girlfriend & Boyfriend, but never thought of them as the serious Husband & Wife. I didn’t even realize it’d been SIX YEARS already (hmmm???). I hope they keep it tight 4EVER like Tina & Matthew! They can build a HUGE Empire together. They’re the ULTIMATE POWER COUPLE. Throw ya cups in da air!!!

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