Straight From the Source…Another excerpt

I have been asked to publish more excerpts from the book, so here it is… I just put out another release on the wire today so here’s a little taste of a part of the politics that went on behind the scenes. Thanks to everyone who has reached out on myspace and facebook to say how the book has affected them personally. I am currently working on the proposal for the next project which I’m not spilling the beans on just yet.

From pages 172 -173 (the back story to this)


If you ask me, though, we were doing pretty good for a magazine that was blacklisted from the label that controlled most of the genre’s artists. The drama between the Source and Interscope was dying down a little, and we were tapping into the South to help beef up our content. 

I got another call to Dave’s office one night to revisit the conversation that we had left off about the exposes that Ray had instructed us to do. Ray was addicted to them now, and it was probably because they had injected me with so much evil that I was doing a good job of executing Ray’s stories the way he liked. But this time, given the latest victim he wanted to attack, I knew it would be a problem. 

“We’re putting 50 Cent on the cover,” he said as soon as I walked through the door.

“We are?” I was confused because we had been planning a Ludacris cover that month. I knew 50 wasn’t going to grant us an interview, so I automatically figured this was going to be one of Ray’s specialties. But because I was the one who really knew 50, I felt as though anything that was printed in the magazine would be assumed by him as coming from me. Knowing the information that 50 had on me, I didn’t want to keep the war between us going because he had a bigger platform than I did, and I couldn’t risk losing. 

“We need to explain just how fucked-up what he is doing to rap music is.” Ray was huffing and puffing as he talked. He was clearly aggravated with 50’s success, criticizing 50’s influence on hip-hop….He had appeared on the cover of our competitor XXL, and that issue was the first ever to outsell the Source. He had taken a stance against the Source because of his loyalty to Eminem. He was on the other side of the fence, and I was forced to pick sides.

Hip-Hop’s Top 5 Most Entertaining Interviews To Watch

Here we go again with the lists, but I can’t help myself. I was having a conversation (IM) with your boy Jackpot and we were going back and forth on who gives the best interviews, inspired by none other than Jim Jones, who was my most recent interview on Behind The Grind which we put on Global Grind last week. So we came up with a list of the most entertaining interviews in hip hop. We agreed on the first 3, but then went off on our own for the last two. here they are.

1. 50 Cent – no one entertains us more than 50 during his interviews. We are not sure whether this is a brilliantly structured deliberate publicity move on his part and that of his team, or just downright foolishness when the camera light goes on. We are leaning more towards the former, because we know that 50 is that calculated with his career. Either way, it makes for a helluva show, whether it’s a 5-min internet clip he throws up on or a 30-minute sit down with MTV. We luhs it. 

2. Kanye West – Kanye is also a great interview. Although he doesn’t do them as much, we wish he’d spare us the internet written bloggin and go full speed ahead with the all-out videos. Just imagine how much fun it’d be to watch Kanye do the vblogs a la Diddy. In the middle of the video, he’d straight spazz on himself and break his own computer. 

3. Jim Jones – Unlike 50, we are all going to vote that Jim Jones’ on camera tactics are not deliberate, but rather unintentionally comical. It’s his animated delivery, his Jimm-er-ish speech and disregard for subject matter that we love the most. He is one of the very few interviews where you never know what you’re gonna get but can pretty much bank on the fact that you’re gonna get something good. I love that he will dis anybody anywhere and not give a fidduck. 

4. Khia – I’m not sure if Khia has actually ever been interviewed, or if she has only really interviewed herself, but either way, I love to watch her talk about nothing. Even in the longest of clips, she manages to entertain us with her blatant disregard for industry politics and ghetto-fied drama. 

5. Yung Berg – (I thought about giving this last spot to a former employer whose name I’ll neglect to mention, but then I realized he really isn’t that good at anything, even if he is delusional and entertains during his interviews by making most of it up). So I easily crowned Yung Berg with this achievement because how can such a newbie in the game get so much attention in such a short amount of time. A great interview, that’s how. He says the most outlandish stuff, so much so that i even thought of rating each of the artists in this lists with “dark butts.” 5 dark butts for a good interview, 1 dark butt for a bad one. You get the hint. 

An honorary mention goes to Snoop Dogg, who I haven’t seen interviewed in quite a while, but is always a good one, nonetheless.


Lil’ Wayne’s Album Sales, Really “A Milli”??

C’mon?? You mean to tell me that no one is going to question Lil’ Wayne’s highly impressive first week album sales. It’s not even Christmas time, so I’m a little skeptical when I hear that he pushed 1,005,000 his FIRST WEEK. Record stores don’t even exist anymore, and who buys CDs nowadays? I’m not saying that Lil’ Wayne isn’t the highest in demand, but 1 million? Doesn’t this beat out the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake sales? (I’ve got to check that but it sounds like it). Say it isn’t so.

I’m surprised that 50 Cent hasn’t released a statement about this (he seems to have a quote about everything else, these days). I’m waiting for 50’s quote on Wayne’s album sales. I can hear it now, in his slow drawl…i saw wayne with a truck outside the record store…sounds like something he would say. only he would say it meaner, and with a sinister laugh…like, ha, ha, ha. and then there would be a phone call of wayne crying on thisis50. No, i’m kidding.

If he did move 1 mil, then congrats to him. At least now we know that hip hop isn’t dead. only nas career just kidding again. 

50 Cent on putting women in videos with no heads…lol

Leave it to 50 Cent to take the opposite POV than everyone else. While the industry is busy trying to clean up its act and take some responsibility for the images of women that are being put out there, 50 is making it clear that the sexy music videos that have come under fire are good because they “shot females in the videos…like they were stars.” Yup, haha. There’s more. In a blog we posted today, he said, “Now, you can’t be allowed to create that type of [sexy] music video, at this point, because if you show the shot when you come up from her leg, they don’t want the shot that doesn’t have her head in it, at any point. So you gotta shoot from a certain space where you showing her whole body. You can’t do that dramatic thing that makes that portion of the shot sexy.”

50 has a way with words, right?

Anyway, yeah 50. We would like to see her face too, because quite frankly, it means that there is more to a woman than just her body parts. But no, we don’t want to compromise the “art” of the video, so how about we just continue to view women with heads instead of women with no heads…wouldn’t that be a nice compromise?

For more quotes from artists who contributed to the discussion, go to the Hip Hop Vs. America blog.