Hands down is MC Serch Vs. Khia. Or I guess I could say Khia Vs. MC Serch, cuz she started it right? Now, if anyone missed Khia’s rendition of “R-E-S-P-E” on VH1’s Miss Rap Supreme, then please do yourself a favor and try to watch it somehow. It is, by far, the most entertaining rap verse I’ve ever seen (understand that by “entertaining,” I do not mean good). Then, the next week, she gets kicked off the show. Then, she uploads a youtube video explaining herself. Then Serch writes a 3000 word (sarcasm again) blog answering her back on his myspace page. I love it. And yes, this is what this industry has come to. Sorry, what else would you like me to write about. Shit is boring.

12 thoughts on “The Best Beef In Rap right now

  1. Although I’m into hip hop, Miss Rap Supreme doesn’t seem like a show that portrays hip hop in a positive light. On the first episode, I always wondered how Khia was even able to be apart of that show, since she had already been succesful as a one-hit wonder. I thought the show was atleast about giving female rappers that are just starting, exposure. And the so-called “Beef” with MC Search and Khia seems to be just publicity for the show. Just by watching it, it doesn’t seem like a show to take seriously.

  2. No doubt, if hiphop aint dead she definitely in a coma, no hate…… but we got a whole generation of rappers who can’t write songs & have no creativity to speak of. I can’t even watch that show all the way thru, I’m so tired of laughing at us! in fact old rap stars have become the modern day minstrels on reality T.V (Can’t knock the hustle right???) Record execs don’t know ish bout music….hiphop had the world in the palm of her hand, the music the fashion the culture and we sold her A$$ out like a 2 dollar crack whore…by the time player’s realize that they can’t change the game…..it’s too late cause the game has changed the player’s……..I hope we get back some good R&B now, either way Ish will never be the same.

  3. Hey Kimmy … That episode was soo funny , she deserved to leave from the beggining …. she had a shot at fame and she blew it !!

  4. OK–so here I am still reading about stuff I know nothing about! Hee Hee…but hey that’s what friends are for.

    Change it up a bit just for a minute and write about the sassy 15 year old white girl that is getting attacked for her racy photos…you know who I’m talking about! The girl who grossed 65+mil in 3D theatres back in Feb! 🙂

  5. Rose, don’t you dare take the name of the Miley Cyrus in vain!! and i’m telling your boss!!!

  6. It’s a sad day in hip-hop when Khia gets coverage. Whatever happened to branding? The show actually took her from a one hit wonder to a ….. I will have to get back to you after I research whether there is actually a C-List. If so, she should be number one.

  7. I thought it was just me but the music industry is truly changing for the better. Since 2000 music has greatly changed they its delivered to the consumers. People like J-Mo Beatz are really on top of their game when it comes to this stuff.

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