This is an interesting one, folks. Thankfully, the back and forth video exchanges between Soulja Boy and Ice-T will most certainly not go beyond youtube, and I for one am glad that I don’t have to worry about saying anything that could incite a riot. BUT, I am extremely entertained by Ice-T’s Soulja Boy diss, Soulja Boy’s response rant and then, finally, Ice-T’s answer. To me, the award for winner in this battle, goes to SB because he is 17 and is allowed to act stupid. 

1. At least Soulja Boy was funny with it. I mean, Ice-T has zero humor factor. So I watched his latest video, begging for a laugh, and after sitting through the 4 minute video, I was visibly upset that I had wasted time in my morning. Last week, though Soulja Boy went on for a little too long, I remember laughing at the few old jokes he threw towards Ice-T.

2. Ice-T put his son in beef. When I saw Lil’ Ice at the end of the Ice-T video, I was surprised. If I didn’t think Ice-T was acting less like a parent by just doing a video, I lost all hope when I saw he would let his son get in on the publicity. What parent puts their child in a beef??

3. Ice-T was wearing a year 2000 Iverson jersey (thanks to Ketchums for pointing this out). Me, myself…I couldn’t get past seeing Ice-T in what appeared to be his pajamas, but who wears these type of jerseys anymore.

4. I don’t remember Ice-T being that hot. I used to tape Video Music Box every day so i could see it when I got home from school and I always fast forwarded Ice-T’s videos. So when he says good hip hop v. bad hip hop, i’m curious to know what side he thinks he’s on. 


8 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Wins Over Ice-T in their Rap Beef!

  1. #3. Agreement error. (Me, Myself)

    I think Soulja Boy should respect Ice. Ice was in New Jack City!!!

  2. We all agree to say Ice-T lost it for a long time but we must remeber he was the hottest shit when he dropped the “O.G” Lp. “Power” was hot too.

  3. At the end of the day SB really loses becuz SB is nuthin but a gimmick rapper. Ice-T is a Legend and has paved the way 4 many artist 2day. SB needs 2 jus hope he can b excepted n tha rap game as long as Ice-T has been. Ice-T has left a legacy on hip-hop. Can you see SB as one of the greatest MCs of all time?..

  4. This guy that did the article prolly listened to vanilla ice on a regular basis when he was a young buck.. I mean i am 20 years old and i know whats Good Hip Hop and Whats Bad Hip Hop and Solja boy is garbage and lil wayne is garbage kanye is garbage you name it prolly garbage i will stick to listening to Old School Rap & Underground shit alot better then this auto tune bullshit and that lets snap fingers and lets look like retards trying to do some stupid superman dance, i dunno about you guys but i will pass thats not my style… Im Sticking With Ice T cuz solja boy aint shit i would knock dude out in like 10 seconds..

  5. SouljaBoy was funny? I didn’t hear anything funny, all he said was “old ass nigga” like 55 times while his friends sat in the back dick ridin’.

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