C’mon?? You mean to tell me that no one is going to question Lil’ Wayne’s highly impressive first week album sales. It’s not even Christmas time, so I’m a little skeptical when I hear that he pushed 1,005,000 his FIRST WEEK. Record stores don’t even exist anymore, and who buys CDs nowadays? I’m not saying that Lil’ Wayne isn’t the highest in demand, but 1 million? Doesn’t this beat out the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake sales? (I’ve got to check that but it sounds like it). Say it isn’t so.

I’m surprised that 50 Cent hasn’t released a statement about this (he seems to have a quote about everything else, these days). I’m waiting for 50’s quote on Wayne’s album sales. I can hear it now, in his slow drawl…i saw wayne with a truck outside the record store…sounds like something he would say. only he would say it meaner, and with a sinister laugh…like, ha, ha, ha. and then there would be a phone call of wayne crying on thisis50. No, i’m kidding.

If he did move 1 mil, then congrats to him. At least now we know that hip hop isn’t dead. only nas career just kidding again. 

10 thoughts on “Lil’ Wayne’s Album Sales, Really “A Milli”??

  1. all of wayne’s bought albums are @ cash money’s studio

    oh ye and those wack surburban white kids

  2. I am yet to come across someone that has bought the Lil Wayne album, and it is pushing 2x platinum right now. I am fully convinced Wayne did the Ocean’s 13 move and bought a large amount of cd’s on his accord. I know he had a cult following, but as far as I’m concerned, he might have gone gold and bought the other 500k…It is what it is I guess

  3. Damn, these last couple comments sounds like ya’ll need to join a hate group. I know alot of people that bought 2 albums, 1 to play and 1 to keep. If your not a fan of hip hop dont leave a damn comment about a artist . N’sync and Britney for the most part is a total different following idiots. Must hurt ya feelings that justin timberlake crossed to hip hop (darkside lol) and never went back.

  4. soulja boy aint hip hop, lil wayne aint hip hop. em, game, papoose, immortal technique are hip hop

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