I have to admit, T-Pain is kinda hot. No, correction. T-Pain’s music is kinda hot. I’m starting to realize that I can’t get his hooks out of my head. But his looks, well, that’s a bit more painful. 

Question: Does an artist’s image really matter? Short answer is: yes! I realized that more-so when T-Pain said last night at the BET Awards that last year he couldn’t even get a seat to the show. He had to be pretty talented to succeed. 

So I want to give it up to T-Pain, who must have gotten a hell of a lot of push back when he was shopping his demo around. Just imagine what label executives said when his package came across their desk. A picture attached that could have possibly hurt their eyes. “Sorry, but I think we’re passing on this one.” 

I am buying a T-Pain album, when it comes out (uhhh…did it come out yet??). 


5 thoughts on “T-Pain: More Hooks, Less Looks.

  1. t-pain is cute in his own lil way…let it go…he is hotter than ever and you kno good and well if he tried to holla you wouldnt say kno…GURL STOP

  2. Look My babii is sexc… And yes all uv his songs is hot yes me and both kno… So who ever has something to say about my boo say it to him… And gurl u is rite if T-Pain tried to holla at dat gurl she would holla bac… So yea she really do need to stop… T-Pain I LUV U BABII!!!!!

  3. t-pain ain’t the best looking man in the world…but he ain’t THAT bad….he got his own style dont hate!

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