I’m just sayin’…

16 thoughts on “Noreaga Givin’ Rick Ross A Run For His Money

  1. oh lord! Nore is lucky he is just Nore. A wack rapper that accepts the fact that he is wack. Therefore everyone accepts you and loves you just the way you are.

  2. wow! he looks sad. he is a candidate for multiple health problems(sugar diabetes, brown sugar diabetes, salt diabetes, rectal cancer, HBP, erectile dysfunction, etc…) you get the idea. hip hop is so rewarding!

  3. god damn

    nore done FELL OFF..
    ..when did his ass gain sooo much weight..smfh..

    he needs to stay away from those burritos

  4. nore do ur thang dude. big dudes get love 2… its just the big dude lovers front like they don’t get down. but they do.

  5. he is a chubster now…
    Had to order in some clothing for him once and last I checked (at the time he was slightly smaller) he checked in at a 4X …
    Contrary to what Melissa says though N.O.R.E is not a wack rapper (let’s not forget “SuperThug”, “Oye Mi Canto”, and “Nothin’ ”

    Also, he was a real all around good guy on set!

  6. smh—what in sam hills is going on??? Since when is it sexxxy for big bellys to be exposed like wash boards!!!
    To each’s own–i guess!!!

  7. Norega was always fat he’s just fatter now, that’s what usually happens. Like Jadakiss was always fat now he’s just fatter. Now if he was thin like bow wow and got like this, then maybe you could be shocked.

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