Yes, I too am very entertained by Kanye’s (note: the photo above is not of Steve Urkell, but KW) blog posts. But it really serves as evidence as to why artists need publicists. His latest entry dismisses the rumors that he is going to anger management, in his very unique Kany-esque way. He titles his blog, “No anger management … if anything I need anger enhancement!” Punctuated with a loud “LOL!”

If he had consulted a publicist, manager or whatever, they might have told him that using a lot of questionmarks and exclamation points in his entries–in blog world–almost always translates as emotional, and could possibly be perceived as angry. I wish he would stick to the cool art stuff in his blog and stay away from the trigger happy media responses.

For the record, I don’t think Kanye needs anger management, just better management in general.

3 thoughts on “Kanye’s Anger Management Blog…sigh.

  1. lol! Don’t forget his last blog when he said “I’m typing so hard that I might break my mac air.” lol he should just accept it.

  2. Anger management has a bad name because many of those who profess to provide anger management have no training or experience. Therefore, Mr. West should first undergo an assessment by a legitimate Certified Anger Management Provider. This assessment will determine his level of functoning in manageing anger, stress, communication and emotional intelligence.
    A list of providers can be found

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